5 Dishes That Remind You of Home

And get you nostalgic over your mom's cooking!


(SPOT.ph) Over the course of our adult lives, we've tried exotic dishes and dined in the swankiest of restaurants. But nothing really compares to good ol' home cooking. These family heirloom recipes, usually cooked by mom or lola, are the best because they're prepared with loads of TLC.


Take a bite out of any of these and you're immediately transported back in time to the family dining room in the house you grew up in, complete with all the details: hand-crocheted placemats, a large wooden spoon and fork hanging on the wall, a cold bottle of Coke ready to be served, and the wafting aroma of your favorite dish. 


Here are five home-cooked dishes that always get us waxing nostalgic and a little homesick.


1. Adobo

Every household has its take on adobo, the country's unofficial national dish. Which results in no two adobos tasting exactly the same! This is pretty cool since the basic ingredients of vinegar, soy, sauce, garlic, pepper corns, and bay leaf never change. Remember how home-cooked adobo always somehow was a fixture during beach trips? Take us back to the good old days!  


2. Sinigang

Part of the fun with sinigang, for those of us who spent summers in the province, was picking some of the key ingredients: namely, the fruits used as souring agents like kamias, tamarind, or green mango. Some recipes use guava or watermelon, which adds a mild sweetness to the dish. Nothing is quite as comforting as this sour-savory soup served with a heaping mound of piping-hot rice. 


3. Kaldereta

Not everything about the 300-year Spanish occupation of the Philippines was good, but at least Pinoys got kaldereta out of it. The meat stew—made with vegetables, potatoes, tomato sauce, liver paste, bell pepper, and olives—has certainly found its way into the hearts and tummies of Filipinos. And who can forget early morning trips to the market with mom so that she could be "buena mano" as she shopped for her kaldereta's ingredients?  


4. Menudo

Pinoy-style pork menudo is made with diced pork, liver, carrots, potatoes, tomato sauce, and garbanzos or green peas (sliced hotdogs and raisins are sometimes added). It may seem like a hodgepodge of too many ingredients, but it’s a delicious, flavorful dish nonetheless. That's probably why it was a staple at birthday parties growing up—because kids and adults alike enjoyed it equally. 


5. Kare-Kare

A dish that, in our opinion, should be left to the experts—our moms! As a kid, it was an honor to be in charge of crushing the peanuts for the stew's signature sauce. Ox tripe and beef hocks are the most preferred meat options for kare-Kare, but neither are as easy to tenderize and cook as cuts like sirloin or tenderloin. Seafood and vegetable kare-Kare have become increasingly popular healthy options. Don't forget the bagoong!


These popular Pinoy dishes are available in restaurants all over the country, and for those who can't easily go home for a home-cooked meal, this setup does just fine. But it's safe to say that these local favorites are best enjoyed at home and with the entire family—the cozy, laid-back setting just makes the food taste even better. And to complete the feast, tuck into these satisfying, heartwarming, and distinctly Pinoy dishes while enjoying easy, flowing conversation and ice-cold Coke—a drink that's #ForeverBagay with home-cooked meals.


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