Your Guide to Boodle Fight Restaurants in Metro Manila

The best places for your next communal pig-out.

( Boodle fights originated from traditional celebratory shared meals in the Philippine military, where instead of soldiers being provided their own plated chow to dig into, the entire troop feasts on a long, banana-leaf-laden table bedecked with mounds of rice and piles and piles of ulam, from Pinoy classics like adobo and beef tapa with salted eggs and ensalada as side dishes, to grilled specialties like barbeque and pork liempo. Forget the cutlery, too, as everyone is encouraged to bare-hand it and dig into the spread kamayan-style to get the full boodle experience.

From their origins in the military camps and bases, boodle fights have since come to be popularized by restaurants all over the country. A boodle fight is an opportunity to experience the pleasures of group dining minus the fancy dinnerware and presentation. If you want to get your hands on that opportunity for a no-frills dining experience, here are five spots for a boodle fight with family and friends.


Price: P2,900 to P3,900++

You wouldn’t expect a slightly more upscale Filipino restaurant like Aracama to offer boodle fight packages, let alone find one in the heart of BGC. But what started out as a one-time, special request later became part of the dining spot’s newest addition to its party packages. Aracama offers two boodle fight packages: the Salo-Salo Boodle and the Fiesta Boodle, both of which feature gustatory classics from Western Visayas, like inasal and sinugba. Each menu can accommodate up to six people, and the boodle fight packages are only available for dine-in.


Price: P595 to P1,735

This budget-friendly restaurant chain already uses banana leaves to serve Filipino favorites at any time of the day, which is why it only makes sense to use the banana leaves for a more enjoyable meal to share with friends or family. Dining in is an option when you want to avail of a boodle fight package, but if you’re interested in taking the fight outside, they can deliver the boodle to you. Boodle fight packages from Binalot can accommodate a few as three people, but can also feed up to 10.

Blackbeard's Seafood Island

Price: P1,150 to P2,800

It’s only appropriate to include the restaurant that first commercialized the boodle experience in Manila on this list. They’ve even made the dining experience sound less belligerent and more welcoming by changing “Fight” into “Feast”—that way, it also sounds more like a party than a rumble. Diners can choose among 12 elaborate packages that can accommodate three to seven persons. Most boodle feast packages at Blackbeard’s feature cuisines from specific regions of the country; from the surrounding areas of Pangasinan to the exotic provinces near Zamboanga.

Boodle Fight Manila

Price: P350 to P550 per person

Without a brick-and-mortar restaurant, Boodle Fight Manila brings the party to you and your family and friends, whatever the celebration may be. In fact, Boodle Fight Manila is the go-to delivery for group feasts during team building sessions or company lunches to create stronger camaraderie and teamwork among employees. Each package is priced per head, starting at P350 for the Undercard package, followed by the Super Card (P450), the Main Event (P500), and the Triple Header (P550). If you’re not feeling any of the menu packages available, they also have the Wild Card, which lets you customize (or fix) the boodle fight the way you want.

Kubo by Gillid’s

Price: P380 to P1,650

If you find yourself wandering the streets of Sampaloc, Manila, you might come across a cozy and laid-back al fresco dining spot with the name Gillid’s plastered next to the wooden staircase. While its boodle menu has limited dishes, it’s still a crowd-favorite for its affordable prices. A regular package for three to four people starts at P380, while a fiesta package, which can accommodate six to eight people, can cost up to P1,650.

Sharing a meal can bring people together, encourage heartfelt conversations, and even strengthen or create relationships. It’s a familiar concept shared among close friends and family, but when shared on a large scale, such as with a company or a team, it then becomes part of the company culture. A boodle fight is an excellent opportunity to get to know people and to let your guard down yourself—from eating with your hands and chatting with the people beside you.

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