Here's How To Set Up An Unforgettable Noche Buena

People will be talking about it even after the new year rolls in.


( Noche Buena is an important part of Christmas, especially for Filipinos. This yearly tradition brings Pinoy families together to eat delicious food, share fond memories, and create new ones. Balikbayans, in particular, agree that there's no place like the motherland to spend Christmas, so making it extra special for them counts. Here are some tips for throwing an unforgettable Noche Buena.


Festive Christmas décor

Add some Christmas-themed throw pillows in your living room, hang up some stockings, and light up your Christmas tree. Decorate in green, red, gold, and silver, and basically any themes that channel the classic Christmas vibe. 


Play cheerful Christmas tunes

Because Christmas in the Philippines without music is just wrong. And while you're at it, it might be a good idea to bring out the karaoke machine—that's going to be a hit anywhere. 


Prepare games

Set up board game, bring out the playing cards, or prepare some drinking games and you’ll be sure to have a fun night. The great thing about having games is that even if they seem like they're just for kids, even the adults can get in on the merry-making. 


Mingle with everyone

Catch up with your family and friends during this wonderful time of the year to talk about great times, and to plan new adventures. Especially for those who have relatives living abroad, this is the time to finally talk and get updated with one another. 



Of course, Noche Buena is also about the food. And because Filipinos love food, they won’t settle for bland flavors. Be sure to amp up Noche Buena staples like spaghetti and menudo by throwing in every mom’s secret ingredient—Knorr Pork Cubes—to your classic recipe! Made from real meat, Knorr Pork Cubes will make your dishes "ChristMas Meaty" and "ChristMas Masarap" for your family to enjoy.




Trust us when we say that this simple step will elevate your dishes' flavors. Even if you’re not a master chef, this magic ingredient will get the job done—and give you and your family a Noche Buena to remember.


But an unforgettable Noche Buena is really a combination of all these things. Sure, the food is a highlight that unites everyone, but every little decoration, bit of music, and stories from friends and family will really make your celebration one for the books. Put these all together and everyone will be talking about how fun Noche Buena was at your house, even after the new year rolls in. 


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