Here's What You Need to Know About the World-Famous Soju Brand, Jinro

At this point, does soju even need an introduction? The drink has since been a constant fixture in the drinking scene, anyway! What matters now perhaps is knowing which brand of soju works for you, and which can make you realize why it is dubbed as South Korea’s national drink and why lots of Filipinos enjoy it just as much. 

Well, first things first, set your eyes on Jinro–the world-famous soju brand! 

You might have heard of it already or even tried it yourself. After all, it’s been constantly featured in many Korean shows and dramas. But let’s have a quick getting-to-know minute with Jinro. 

ICYDK, this soju brand has been in the market since 1924. It was launched by the Korean liquor company, HITEJINRO, in October of that year and has since captured the hearts of people across the globe. 

But what makes Jinro Soju well-loved, and why does it deserve a spot in your refrigerator, especially amid the blazing heat of the Philippine summer? 

Jinro Soju in all forms and flavors 

For a start, Jinro Soju is a spirit that has mild alcohol content. Because of this, it makes for an ideal drink whether you’re up for a fun, energetic night, or just a chill one. And since there’s nothing like a good, cold drink after a long day, Jinro Soju makes a good case as your possible default drink. 

Plus, you’ve got neat and flavored options, too. 

First off, the Jinro Chamisul or one of HITEJINRO’s flagship product lines. This one comes in two variants. There’s Jinro Chamisul Fresh which has a clean, smooth taste to it. The Jinro Chamisul Original is rich in flavor.

Another option you might be curious to try is Jinro is Back. This has a distinct taste that’s probably already rooted in the history of South Korea. This “retro” version of Jinro could be the closest you’d get in tasting soju back in the day, lending you a very traditional K-culture experience, long before the Hallyu wave swept across much of the world. This one is certainly a must-try, especially for die-hard fanatics of South Korea’s food culture. 

Now onto the flavored Jinro Soju variants, which can easily perk up anyone’s taste buds with their rich soju flavor smoothly mixed with fruity concoctions. Enter: Jinro Strawberry, Jinro Grapefruit, Jinro Green Grape, and Jinro Plum. All of these are comparatively lower in alcohol content than the non-flavored Jinro Soju variants. 

You won’t even have to mix these up with other things anymore, because you can just chill it long enough, pull it out of your refrigerator, and drink it down straight yet you’ll find it fun already. 

But of course, you do you, so enjoy Jinro Soju the way you want, it any flavor you’re in the mood for. 

You can shop Jinro Soju online from Lazada, Shopee, The Booze Shop, Boozy, LiquorPH, and Clink. For more information, visit and follow Jinro Philippines on Facebook.



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