Stay Active And Eat Right Every Day To Keep The 'Quarantine 15' Away

Don't give in to a sedentary lifestyle just because we're all stuck at home.

That includes, of course, its physiological effects: By staying in for long periods of time, people are all eating different and exercising different; and for some, that means putting on extra pounds. It’s a phenomenon that’s been dubbed ‘The Quarantine 15’, in reference to the 15 extra pounds you may have put on if you’ve become a little more sedentary and dependent on junk food lately. It doesn’t help, too, that stress affects the way we eat, and this is no doubt a stressful time for everyone.

No worries, though! If you’d like to shed that weight gain or avoid it altogether, now’s also a good time to commit to a daily exercise routine and nutrition plan. Being stuck at home may also pose an opportunity for you to manage your food intake and your time. Here are a couple of things you can do to chip away at the weight and stay in shape while staying at home.

Swap out junk food for fruits
When we’re stressed out, we naturally tend to seek fatty, sugary, and salty food. So it’s best to keep unhealthy food away by changing the way you shop for groceries. On your next trip to the supermarket, think twice, maybe three times before you reach for a bag of chips or cookies. Instead, go for fruits, and snack on these instead while watching movies and shows.

Do away with soft drinks and stick to water.
By the same principle, you can and should eliminate all the unnecessary sugar in your diet. Now that you’re shopping less and staying in more, rely on water instead of soft drinks and powdered juices. Unfortunately, that includes milk tea, too.

Cook your own food.
Life under quarantine should be marked by a return to home-cooked meals. If you live alone, it can be a little tempting to order food for delivery for half your meals. Instead, try meal planning, and get creative with what you buy at the supermarket. A can of Mega Tuna, for instance, is a healthy option with no extenders, and you can use it for a lot of different recipes. (You can make your own recipes too, with some ideas from Mega Tuna's Facebook page.) Get creative and worry less about eating more.

Clean up around the house.
This isn’t just a great way to stay active—cleaning is a therapeutic exercise, too. Studies have found that cleaning may help reduce stress and anxiety, and less stress can mean less stress-eating. Also, it’s an opportunity to organize your pantry and kitchen: Keep any snacks and unhealthy food out of sight, so you’re not tempted to binge on them.

Find creative ways to work out.
We won’t be hitting the gym for a while, but that doesn’t mean we can just sit around and get sedentary. If you’re anxious about socially-distanced running or outdoor workouts, there are still many creative ways to stay active indoors. Use jugs or bags or other household items as weights; or participate in a fitness class, like the one hosted by Mega Tuna on its Facebook page.

Sleep well.
Recent studies have that amid the pandemic, people are literally losing sleep. Because of the ways our routines have changed, and because this is a naturally stressful time, people are suffering from insomnia and low quality of sleep. But studies have also linked sleep to weight gain, so do your best to keep your sleep and wake times in sync. It also helps to use sleep masks, and to turn off all your screens before bedtime.

Regardless of how the quarantine period has affected you, Mega Tuna wants to help you stay healthy. It’s available in several flavors, all mouth-watering and ready-to-eat: Spanish Style, Sweet & Spicy, Flakes in Oil, and Hot & Spicy.

Mega Tuna has no extenders, giving you pure goodness in every bite. It's a healthy option for your stay-at-home, guilt-free meals, and a great way to revamp your fitness and nutrition regimen.

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