'90s Celebrity Crushes: Where Are They Now?

These three look like they haven’t aged at all.


(SPOT.ph) Every generation has its own list of celebrity crushes. And it goes without saying that every '90s teenage male fantasy wouldn’t be complete without Alice Dixson, Sunshine Cruz, and Ina Raymundo.


What have they been up to? After taking their respective hiatuses, the three are now back, active in the local showbiz scene, and looking like they haven’t aged at all.



Alice Dixson
Gorgeous in an iconic soap commercial with her sexy shoulder shake, Alice comes back to the big screen with an upcoming horror film. She’s 48, but no one could have guessed that.



Sunshine Cruz
Sunshine first broke into the showbiz scene as one of the talents who were groomed to become the industry's big stars. Today, at 40, she plays a lead role in a top-rating drama series—this on top of being a hands-on mom to her three lovely daughters.


Ina Raymundo
At 41, Ina proves that beauty lasts beyond hot weekend nights. She's currently juggling her role in an action-fantasy TV series, maintaining her intense workout regimen, and being a mom to five kids.


These Gen-X crushes remain healthy and fit, and all say they're having the best time of their lives. For them, being 40 and up is nothing to be alarmed about. That’s because apart from having good genes, these ladies maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle. Alice, Sunshine, and Ina not only keep their youthful looks, but also their strength and endurance, allowing them to stay in top form.



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