These Are the 6 Types of People You Always See at Concerts

A concert is never complete without these folks.


( Seeing your favorite artists perform live is something everyone should experience. And if you’ve been to a handful of concerts already, you may be acquainted with the ins and outs of a live concert. But if you’re a first-time concertgoer, these are the types of people you’re most likely to encounter:

The Super Fans
They don’t need to tell you how much of a fan they are—you can easily tell by their shirts and official merch. These fans tend to tear up in the middle of their singing, dancing, screaming, and cheering. Who can blame them? It’s not every day you get to see your idols up close and performing live.



The Unofficial Videographers
When the lights go down and the band takes the stage, up goes their phones. They want to document everything to relive the moment and share the memories with other people.


The VIPs
Sometimes, concerts gift us with celebrities found among the audience—your favorite local artists know how to have a good time, too. If you’re lucky enough to score VIP seats, there's a good chance you’ll be jamming with celebs as well. 


The (Bored) Parents
We have so much respect for the parents who accompany their tweens to concerts. It’s a true sign of parental dedication. They’re the real MVPs.



The Low-Key Fans
They are there to chill and enjoy the music. They’re a little bit of everything: they take pictures, head bob, and mouth the lyrics in low-key fashion. These people know how to immerse themselves in the moment.


The Backup Singers and Dancers
They know all the lyrics and will sing along from start to finish. And if the performer happens to play dance tunes, they can pull off the official dance choreography, too. These people are having a blast, and as long as they’re not harming anyone, that’s all that matters.


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