5 Times Up Dharma Down Made You Feel Kilig

Every song just resonates with you.

It’s been years since Up Dharma Down first landed on our playlists, but their songs still make us feel things every single day. Can relate? Here, we list down the many times UDD songs perfectly summed up your love life:

When you slow danced with your crush during prom
No matter how many times you listen to “Tadhana,” it never fails to bring you back to that now-or-never moment when you were thisclose to the person you like.
Get-close lyrics: Ba’t di pa sabihin / Ang hindi mo maamin / Ipauubaya na lang ba ‘to sa hangin

When you started catching feelings for your best friend
 reminds you of when you first began having feelings for the person you practically grew up with, and you weren’t quite sure how to feel about it.
Get-close lyrics: Ano na naman itong / Gumugulo sa buhay ko / Bawat nakaw tingin / Sinasalo lang ng hangin

The first time you two really got close
Remember when you two first held each other’s hands? "We Give In Sometimes" would've been the perfect soundtrack for that moment.
Get-close lyrics: Feel the sand in between your toes / Nobody has to know / The pleasure that you take / In every step you make / Harbor all the way

When you first became official
It was still new, way too new for anything to really come of it, but “Every First Second” made you feel like anything was possible.
Get-close lyrics: You / The only one who can change my life / And I / Could swear by the things that I wouldn't do / For the first time

When you felt that connection with just one look
Call it curiosity, spark, or love. Either way, this new rendition of “Just a Smile” is a beautiful reminder that it’s possible to share special moments with someone you happen to walk past by on the street or share a ride with to work.
Get-close lyrics: You make me feel like I / Could get lost inside your eyes / I feel closer to the sky / When you save the day with just a smile

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