8 Superpowers Any Pinoy Would Love to Have

It’s time to break out the cape and spandex!

(SPOT.ph) Can you imagine living in a world where everyone has superpowers? Will you use yours for good and fight crime in the name of honor and justice? Or will you assume your secret supervillain persona, fully equipped with evil laugh and conveniently expository monologues? Or will you just use your powers to make the daily grind a little bit easier and a little more exciting? Here are our picks for superpowers any Pinoy would love to have:

1. The one where you can teleport to anywhere else in the world
Because when you’re stuck in commuter hell, what sounds better than the ability to just skip all that traffic and appear immediately exactly where you needed to be?

2. The one where you can predict the future
Oh, the ability to know what's going to happen, how convenient is that, amirite? You’ll never get caught in a downpour or a 5-hour traffic jam again!

3. The one where you can read minds
Talk about having straight-from-the-source chismis. There’s no secret safe from you! Even better, now you’re catty relatives won’t be able to talk circles around you at family reunions!

4. The one where you can clone anything
When you can endlessly replicate that one hundred peso bill in your wallet, you won’t have to stick to the budget meals on the menu ever again!

5. The one where you're invulnerable
Calling all the naturally manhid out there, tell us your secret! We, the more sensitive lot, would also like to be able to just shrug off all damage and be numb to the crazy things going on in our country.

6. The one where you can stop time
Probably the most useful power. Ever. You can stay in bed as long as you want, don’t need to rush your trips to the bathroom, and even stop yourself from falling over in front of your crush.

7. The one where you can control water
Anti-pawis powers activate! Not only can you just make all the icky sweat on your body disappear with a swish of a hand, you can keep yourself comfortably chillin’ forever.

8. The one where you can shrink down your size
Perfect for when all you want to do is make yourself small enough to fit the mythical seating space the jeepney barker told you existed (“Meron pa, kanan kaliwa!”).

Let’s be honest here -- aren’t you still waiting for that moment you end up in a nuclear radiation accident or stumble on a mystical and/or alien artifact that’ll grant you the powers you always knew you were meant to wield?

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