5 Superstitions That Will Change the Way You Eat Noodles

How many of these are you familiar with?


(SPOT.ph) Next to rice, noodles are, perhaps, Pinoys' next favorite source of heavenly carbs. Noodles are easy to prepare and load with all sorts of flavorful ingredients. That's why it's no surprise that noodle dishes have satisfied the cravings of people all over the world.


Just like most well-loved food, there's some superstition associated with noodles. Even those who are self-proclaimed skeptics find themselves easily accommodating these beliefs. Here are some of them:


1. Noodles are for long life.

Noodles represent longevity and, as such, are served when you want to wish someone long life. This is why noodles are served during birthdays. To take advantage of the supposed longevity effect, it's best to consume long life noodles on your birthday. We're told that "everyday noodles" don't have the same effect.


2. If you cut your noodles, you also cut short your life.

Pretty morbid, right? Apparently, it's not enough to just eat noodles. You also have to make sure they don't get cut, lest you suffer the abrupt lethal consequence of your own doingThus, you're supposed to slurp the entire length of your noodles in one go—without breaking them with your teeth.


3. Eat noodles to start fresh on New Year's Day.

In Japan, noodles, soba, in particular, are served on New Year's Day. Soba is firm and easy to break. So, it's the ideal dish to serve when people break off the previous year. You have to make sure, though, that the New Year has already started before you eat the soba—or else you'll be carrying over the past year's woes. 


4. Noodles and eggs are for prosperity.

In 8 Types of Singapore Noodles Untangled, an article published on the Michelin Guide, a noodle dish called Mee Sua is served "in a thin broth with two hard boiled eggs meant to symbolize prosperity and longevity."


5. Noodles must be eaten after a long journey.

According to a Chinese saying "When leaving, eat dumplings; when arriving, eat noodles."  Interpretations of this superstition may vary, but noodles presumably allow travelers to announce their presence to the universe.


Well, with or without these superstitious beliefs, people already enjoy eating noodle dishes. There's a wide variety of noodles out in the market and they're all easily accessible to people from all walks of life. Sapporo noodles aims to stand out by using high quality ingredients that appeal to noodle lovers with more exacting tastes. Now, there's no superstition in that—just great noodles at an affordable price.


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