6 People You'll Always Find at Pinoy Potluck Parties

There's always that person who brings a bilao of barbecue or lumpia.


(SPOT.ph) Parties and get-togethers happen all throughout the year. And for Pinoys, these celebrations always involve sharing lots of good food. Whether it’s with family, colleagues, or friends, food has a way of bringing out the best in people.


But Filipino potluck parties don’t just mean a ton of food. You also get to meet some familiar personalities at these get-togethers, like:


The Punong Abala a.k.a Party Host

Someone has to be the designated planner and organizer. They’re your go-to person for details on the exchange gift budget, the venue, and the choice of food assigned to each person.   


The Connoisseur

This person has pretty discerning tastes and is particular about food—e.g. they’ll only eat barbecue or kare-kare from Goldilocks. You can count on them to bring the dishes they want to eat themselves.


The Entertainer

You know that your entertainer friend will lead the way for raucous cheer, whether it’s by way of party games or the usual videoke challenge.


The Photographer

These days, documentation is important at every get-together. From the decor, to the guests, to the wide selection of food brought by partygoers—the photographer will make sure every detail is covered.


The Storyteller

Also known as your constant source of the best tsismis ever. Missed out on the last party? This person will always remember what happened and has the best stories about it.


The Big Eater

Yes, we all generally love to eat. But one friend always outshines us with their exemplary eating skills. Trust them to gobble up all the leftovers and enthusiastically get their share of pabalot from the potluck.


And who could blame them? Pinoy potluck parties always promise a good spread, with food that’s not only yummy but also great for sharing with friends and family. With all the guests pitching in their own dish, there’s always a varied bunch to choose from when filling your plate.


If you’re going to a potluck party of your own soon, be sure to do your part and bring something everyone can enjoy, such as classic dishes from Goldilocks. There’s Royal Fudge Cake (P560) for the chocolate lovers, and the Fiesta Pack Sotanghon (P630) from Goldilocks’ Party FunFeast packages for those who want something more savory. You can also go for a Special Christmas Cake* (P395) and the Party FunFeast Baked Lasagna (P750) to get everyone in a festive mood, or Party FunFeast Baked Lasagna (P750) for pasta fans.



Of course, they're not the only dishes you can order to enjoy a #GoldiChristmas—just check out their website for more offerings. And if you’d rather not bring the dish to the party yourself, you’re in luck: select Goldilocks products are available for delivery. Say goodbye to any sort of #PaskoPanic for your next get-together this year. Merry Christmas!


*Special Christmas Cake is only available in stores until December 25. 


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