How to Spot a Scam: Can You Avoid These Popular Phishing Sites Techniques?

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Now that we’re spending a lot more time online than ever before, scammers are taking this opportunity to come up with more elaborate schemes in order to target vulnerable Internet users. Phishing scams—tricks that people use to steal your personal and financial information—are getting harder to spot, and they’re everywhere!

The most popular of these scams, of course, involve trying to get into e-wallets such as GCash that are connected to your computer and/or mobile device. Most of these scams look like they could come from official representatives of the company. 

How good do you think you are at spotting these scams? Take this quiz to find out if you’re safe from the most common phishing techniques and learn about GCash's #GCheckMuna checklist so you can make your future online transactions more secure!


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