Here's How To Save Money on Dates

Get the full date experience at half the price.


( Not spending on a date is next to impossible. And because you don't want your significant other to think you're cheap, you're ready to shell out a considerable amount of money to make the date special for them.


But you don't have to empty out your wallet to make your grand plans happen. Aside from knowing where and how to splurge, part of a wise spending strategy is being aware of unique payment options and promos. Various companies and services are offering special deals for the month of love, too, so go ahead and take advantage of them.


Getting up to 50% of your date money back

GCash is ramping it up this February with month-long rebates on all payments using GCash QR. Just visit any participating store and you instantly get 10% cashback (maximum of P500 a day per establishment) as long as you pay using GCash QR. On Valentine's Day, the promo shoots up and becomes a 50% cashback (maximum of P500 a day per establishment)!



Options for saving up on dinner 

Here's how things might play out: On the 14th, you decide to take your date out for a romantic dinner for two, but you still want to have enough money for the night's other activities. You could head to Cibo, Pancake House, Buffalo Wild Wings, Vikings, or any of the partner restaurants and enjoy the 50% cashback promo!


Scan to pay using GCash QR at any Bench Group, Bistro Group, Cibo Group, or Max's Group Restaurant to avail of the cashback promo. Click here to see a full list of partner merchants. 


A movie after your meal

After your meal, you may want to catch a movie with your date. Maximize your time together by booking your tickets ahead of time and skipping the line altogether by reserving seats with GCash. It gives you a P143 cashback when you buy your tickets through the app or through and pay using GCash. And if you don't mind standing in line, you can also pay using GCash QR, and the same 50% cashback up to P500 will apply!



For a complete list of partner establishments that honor GCash QR, click here. GCash QR also has a 50% rebate (maximum of P500 a day per establishment) on Lunar New Year, February 16. For the rest of the month, this promo offers a 10% rebate with a maximum of P500 per day in all participating stores as long as you scan to pay.


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