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UPDATED: Disgruntled ex-cop takes tourist bus hostage at Quirino Grandstand, meets bloody end; 8 hostages confirmed dead
Published on: Aug 23, 2010 - 11:59pm

UPDATED 12 midnight. GMANews.TV reports that "a dismissed policeman, armed with an automatic rifle, held over 20 passengers of a tourist bus hostage near the Quirino Grandstand." The hostage crisis broke out at around 10 a.m. today.

According to the GMANews.TV report, "Chief Inspector Erwin Margarejo, spokesman of the Manila Police District, identified the hostage-taker as former Senior Inspector Rolando Mendoza, who is facing charges of misconduct at the Office of the Ombudsman."

Initially, there were 20 hostages--made up of tourists from Hong Kong and five Filipinos. GMANews.TV's 4:40 p.m. update revealed that "as of posting time, nine hostages have already been released, including children, the elderly, and a 19-year-old Filipino photographer Rigor Cruz." The last passenger to be released was an unnamed 64-year-old Filipino.

The GMANews.TV report also revealed that Mendoza was formerly with the Manila police's mobile patrol but was dismissed from the service due to charges of extortion and illegal arrest filed against him in 2008 by Christian Kalaw, chef of the Mandarin Hotel. Kalaw accused Mendoza and four others of planting shabu in his car, forcing him to swallow shabu, as well as extorting money from him. reports that "Director Leocadio Santiago, National Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO) chief, said police are still negotiating with Mendoza after he demanded that he be reinstated to the service after being dismissed due to an extortion complaint." Mendoza is slated to retire on January 10, 2011.

Meanwhile, Manila Bulletin online revealed that records from the PNP-Directorate for Police Records and Management (DPRM) obtained by the Manila Bulletin/Tempo showed that Mendoza "obtained a total of 17 police service medals and a commendation for excellent job performance."

As of 9:00 p.m. this evening, TV5's live coverage of the hostage crisis showed that Mendoza had been shot dead. A couple of hostages were seen exiting the bus. They were assisted by police officers. More details are expected to come in after the crime scene has been cleared.

A report posted by GMANews.TV at 10:06 p.m. revealed that "eight hostages were confirmed dead and that seven were alive, according to Health Secretary Enrique Ona." The report likewise pointed out that the Security Bureau of Hong Kong has "advised its citizens to avoid all travel to the Philippines." The bureau has placed the Philippines in their "black alert warning" category to indicate their assessment that there are "severe threats on the country's security."


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  • allyzza jezzelle
    In my own opinion, the morallesson in the hostage taking is that former Senior Inspector Rolando Mendoza should not be terminated/dismissed from work until due process has been made and was proven guilty. He should be placed under suspension while investigation is on going. Likewise,in the case of the rescue team, they should be well-prepared and well-equipped so they could do their work to save the lives of the innocent...If only we could turn back time....
    Sep 10 2010 @ 04:03pm     Reply  
  • Kit
    sayang wala na si chiquito at redford white... sila ang bagay kumatawan sa SWAT sa pelikulang... WRONG MISTAKE - Part 2

    tatabo for sure sa takilya iyon and mabubuhay muli ang film industry sa bansa. pakisusap lamang sa mga film directors, huwag na kayong gumawa ng mga action films na ala hollywood or HK style because in reality, it's more of the 3 stooges action comedy genre. ni hindi kailangan palitan ang dialogue noong mga pulis... comedy talaga, tragic nga lamang.
    Aug 25 2010 @ 11:22pm     Reply  
  • jujueyeballs
    Up to the minute coverage nga, wala namang sustansya-- nakamamatay pa!

    Aug 25 2010 @ 11:19am     Reply  
  • Boo!
    @Common --> Baket, sa tingin mo ba may cable yung TV nang bus para mapanood yung CNN at BBC dun?Syempre ang napapanood niya yung si Mike Enriquez na parang commentator sa boxing.
    Aug 25 2010 @ 10:34am     Reply  
  • biasedjournalism

    F--K THE MEDIA! kaya nagkaloko-loko yung sitwasyon dahil sa kanila.Alam na alam ni Mendoza ang nangyayari dahil sa kanila! hello! tama na iyang pag de-defend mo sa Media! taga media ka ba? NEXT TIME: ATTENTION SWAT TEAM! Next time mi Crisis ulit na Mangyari, FIRST PRIORITY, NEUTRALIZE THE MEDIA, UNDERSTAND?
    Aug 25 2010 @ 09:30am     Reply  
  • karen
    major major mistake taking that manila tour.

    kris aquino was very upset - it kept her out of the news for 2 days

    but a good pr opportunity is not to be missed
    so packing some bad acting and crocodile tears
    the media junckie heads down to the hospital to do a florence nightingale, get some tv exposure and court sympathy for the divorce as her tv career goes down the toilet,
    and check out the young doctors.

    as 1 survivor said. i survived the bus but then had this woman talking endlessly about herself and trying to sell me pot noodles.
    enough to give anyone post traumatic stress disorder
    Aug 25 2010 @ 06:16am     Reply  
  • teena
    ang ibig sabihin nila eh hindi naman yata tama na sabihin pa ng media na may sniper sa area. ang malas lang ng mga sniper may TV sa loob ng bus at nalaman tuloy ng hostage taker na may sniper...ayun hindi agad nakaporma ang mga sniper..
    Aug 25 2010 @ 12:31am     Reply  
  • Common
    And for those blaming the media, do you think you'd know that much news now without them? So those guys from CNN and BBC are out of their minds carrying out the news? Napaka-selective. You guys only love the media whenever Kris has a new show or Manny was caught with someone else (it's not even of national interest)
    Aug 25 2010 @ 12:03am     Reply  
  • Common
    Sa timezone o quantum yata nag-training yung mga SWAT. These situations require responsiveness and no or minimal casualties. It looked like our police intelligence were not intelligent at all. Bumalik ba naman ang itapong flash bang...twice!...with hostages inside! And it's a bus, of course it's going to be hard to break the windows, kasi kung hindi, it'll be fatal for any passenger to ride a fragile-windowed bus. And they took the driver's word for a go-ahead attack. Im no expert, but come on. Im sorry but these "friendly games", police exhibitions, open-house trainings doesn't even put our policemen/SWAT up to par with the kids of Sudan. I expected more from what Ive been paying my taxes for, what if one of those passengers was me or someone close to me? (Knock on wood).
    Aug 24 2010 @ 11:50pm     Reply  
  • Anne
    Mas nakakainis pa rin yung mga tao sa Facebook. Mga status message nila, hirit ng hirit na magkakaroon ng digmaan sa pagitan ng Pilipinas at China dahil sa nangyari. OA, grabe, hahaha. Nakakainis na nakakatawa.

    Hay naku. Mga Pinoy talaga, pinapalaki ang issue. Mas malala pa rin sa States at sa Europe, di lang nila alam.
    Aug 24 2010 @ 11:46pm     Reply  
  • Tony Montana

    Oo nga, nangyayari rin ito kahit sa ibang bansa. Ang kaibahan lang mas PROFESSIONAL silang mag-react.Hindi kaparis sa atin na A BUNCH OF AMATEURS! parang mga hilong-talilong na hindi mga alam ang gagawin. In effect naging NATIONAL EMBARASSMENT, and put at risk our TOURISM INDUSTRY. In his first crisis situation, DILG SECRETARY JESSE ROBREDO, failed miserably! Imagine nagsimula yung hostage -taking alas 7 or alas otso ng umaga, natapos pasado alas otso ng gabi!What the F--k was he doing between those hours! How about our newly elected President? I know Noy has good intentions but the people he selected around him are acting like a bunch of amateurs! At ang ang MEDIA Nagwala!Unrestrained! dapat pinag babaril ng SWAT ang mga cameras nila para mi complete blackout. Ang Labas ng sitwasyon eh TRAGI-COMEDY.Next time na mi ganyan sitwasyon, i-restrain ang media!
    Aug 24 2010 @ 09:29pm     Reply  
  • Engkris
    You are right, MARJ!!! HK's decision was too swift. The funny part is, several countries agreed that the incident is isolated and there is no reason for them to be alarmed. I wonder what was the objective of HK.....You will also notice that most foreigners in the country, including HK nationals, that were interviewed also agreed that the incident is isolated. Ang magandang tanong, ANO ANG PANANAW NG ATIN MGA KABABAYAN HINGIL SA PANGYAYARI?
    Aug 24 2010 @ 08:26pm     Reply  
  • Engkris
    I agree ANNE. Some of us reacted as if the philippines has the worst police force in the world. Obviously, they do not have the slightest idea about the hostage taking that took place in CA were hundreds of policemen, including the swat team, responded. Faced againts 3 heavily armed hostage takers, countless casualties on the side of the police force were incurred. Considering that the hostage takers left their hostages and were out in the open, 1 still managed to flee, while 2 died from their own hands. None of the policemen were able to bring down any of the hostage takers.
    Aug 24 2010 @ 08:11pm     Reply  
  • rayasapphira
    We really need proper training for Policemen especially our SWAT here in the Philippines. Sana bigyang halaga at pansin ng government ang kagamitan at kaalaman sa mga DAPAT na nagtatanggol sa karahasan para narin sa safety ng mamamayan at mga banyaga. It will take same time to repair kung anong nasira sa tourism natin. Sa aking opinyon, walang dapat sisihin. Inamin naman ang pagkakamali...sana may natutunan lamang sila upang huwag na mangyari ulit ang nangyari na. Nakakalungkot dahil kailangan may magbuwis ng buhay sa mga ganitong klase ng sitwasyon.
    Aug 24 2010 @ 06:32pm     Reply  
  • kapengmabula
    yan ang epekto ng kakapanood ng mga pelikula ni Carlo J. NAKAKATANGA!!! tapos me gana pang magreklamo ang mga pulis noon bakit madalas silang ipakita kung kelan tapos na ang pelikula
    Aug 24 2010 @ 05:46pm     Reply  
  • chloe
    Aliw na aliw ako sa pag mamaso ng pinto at paggamit ng lubid na naputol. Aliw na aliw ako na nagsasalita si mike enriquez habang nasa flower box. Aliw na aliw ako mga taong dumumog sa paligid ng bus na hindi na control na kala mo shooting ng pelikula ni Jeric Raval . Aliw na aliw ako na wala man lang ni isang government official na nakipag negotiate sa hostage taker. Aliw na aliw ako sa dami ng mga pulis,npadami nila. Napakadami nilang walang nagawa. Napapadalas ata kasi ang ka la-laughter yoga natin eh!
    Aug 24 2010 @ 04:44pm     Reply  
  • jujueyeballs
    Read and be informed--

    Guide to Crisis Negotiations
    Aug 24 2010 @ 02:10pm     Reply  
  • WaWentaMedia
    Hinde to pelikula na pag natamaan ng bullet, mamaya may sisigaw ng cut at ok ka na. If there is fear in our SWAT team, it is because they are unprepared and unequipped. Sa ibang bansa rin mataas compensation pag namatay or natamaan ka. Eh dito? Tetano abot mo sa luma ng mga bala, sabay OTY ka pa sa bayad. Pano naman kung may junior pala si kuya?

    Just saying not to judge them too harshly and be realistic on pointing out our views.

    Btw, although I'm disappointed at the SWAT team, I'm more disgusted at the media. Mga ulupong, nanunuod rin sa loob yung hostage taker ng balita. Sana hinde nyo pinamigay position ng SWAT team. Tapos nung tapos na, pinagpyestahan pa nila yung mga hostage victims na palabas, kasama ng mga usi na nanggugulo. Imbis na matulungan eh maslalong na naguguluhan yung victims sa inyo.

    At habang nanunuod, may showbiz update sa ilalim ng footage ng mga taong patay. Salamat, media, pinakita nyo kung gano kayo kasakim sa ratings.
    Aug 24 2010 @ 01:44pm     Reply  
  • SAGo
    Laught trip kami kagabi nawala kalasingan namin.Ganun pala umatake assault team??Di mabasag yung salamin.Naputol yung lubid.Wow philippines. Biyahe na.
    Aug 24 2010 @ 01:09pm     Reply  
  • Kit
    situation like this do happen anywhere in the world, mistakes are committed also BUT, what sets this apart is how the SWAT team was more concern on how they "move" in front of the camera, kaya ang pinupuna dito ay panay porma lamang. nanliliit ako habang pinapanood ko kasama ang mga kasamahan kong dayuhan sa trabaho dahil pinagtatawanan ang SWAT natin, dahil talagang katawa-tawa ang mga kilos nila. hopefully the authorities will accept and learn from this mistake, tulad ng nangyari sa Los Angeles noon kaya na buo ang SWAT.
    Aug 24 2010 @ 12:34pm     Reply  
  • sam
    What I can't understand is that ...within that 11 hours there was not even one ambulance or any medical team on standby? That's why poor boy who got shot by a stray bullet was just placed on top of the equipment box for the media to feast on? Did they expect the boy to hail his own cab to get to a hospital? What about the actual victims? Were they gonna bring the victims to a hospital using their police cars? No wonder some were claim to be have been dead on arrival. Proper CPR or immediate medical attention could have been given to the hostages and we could have saved more lives. So, what do we do now? Just pray for peace?? Sigh.
    Aug 24 2010 @ 12:28pm     Reply  
  • sam
    What I can't understand is that ...within that 11 hours there was not even one ambulance or any medical team on standby? That's why poor boy who got shot by a stray bullet was just placed on top of the equipment box for the media to feast on? Did they expect the boy to hail his own cab to get to a hospital? What about the actual victims? Were they gonna bring the victims to a hospital using their police cars? No wonder some were claim to be have been dead on arrival. Proper CPR or immediate medical attention could have been given to the hostages and we could have saved more lives. So, what do we do now? Just pray for peace?? Sigh.
    Aug 24 2010 @ 12:28pm     Reply  
  • Anne
    Kung magreact yung iba, parang akala mo sa atin lang ito nangyayari. Di ata nila naisip na sa ibang bansa, nangyayari din ang mga ganitong insidente, hahaha.
    Aug 24 2010 @ 12:04pm     Reply  
    hahaha! @kit - puro lang kasi porma ang kaya ng SWAT dito sa pinas,, akala mo mga taong may utak yun pala utak inilagay sa pwit. May naka soot ng bulletproof peru noong putukan na ng hostage taker eh nag.atrasan ang mga ugok, nakatawang tingnan,, parang nanood ang buong mundo ng comedy-action movie.. mahiya naman sila sa mga ginagawa nila.
    Aug 24 2010 @ 11:54am     Reply  
  • Kit
    @teena - na sobrahan kasi sa panood ang mga pulis patola natin ng mga hollywood film kaya kita mo naman yung isa, panay ang porma niya noong M-16 niya doon sa bintana... akala mo eh may biglang dudungaw at bubulaga sa kanya, whereas ni hindi nga nila mabasag-basag yung mga bintana. granted that the windows could be opened, what if hostage ang dumungaw eh di kitang kita kung paano pasabugin yung ulo noong SWAT na panay ang porma. just wondering, bakit M-16 ang dala, CQB - dapat 9mm lang.
    Aug 24 2010 @ 11:42am     Reply  
  • Kit
    nakikita ko na, may gagawa ng pelikula tungkol dito... madaming mababago, uniform pa lamang ng SWAT, naka full battle gear, well coordinated and dynamic entry, and of course matinding firefight kalahati ng pelikula ala "HEAT". then palalabasin na bida yung hostage taker... paging direk carlos... GRANDSTAND MASSACRE!!!! sidenote: may hihirit diyan na kailangan ang wang-wang... na kaya na delay yung pagdala ng sulat mula sa ombudsman eh dahil walang wang-wang.
    Aug 24 2010 @ 11:33am     Reply  
  • Boo!
    Yung mga media,kung hindi ba naman mga t*nga, panay ang broadcast kung ano ginagawang action ng mga pulis, e merong TV dun sa loob ng bus, e di nalalaman nung hostage taker kung ano mga pinaggagagawa nila. Bugok!
    Aug 24 2010 @ 10:13am     Reply  
  • Marj
    There was no police line. There were no protective gear. The emergency personnel were not very responsive. The escaped driver was approached by the media instead of the emergency personnel. I can understand the dogs, err the media, but they can be put in the right places if crowd control procedures were undertaken. Having said all of the above, Versoza and the Manila Police Chief should both RESIGN and not wait to be fired by PNoy. The incompetency is immeasurable. These are the protectors of our people in these terroristic era.
    Aug 24 2010 @ 09:53am     Reply  
    Aug 24 2010 @ 09:00am     Reply  
  • charlesmc
    Nung morning mga korean nationals ang tinambangan sa Ortigas. Nung nightime mga Hongkong nationals naman. All in a day. Ano ba yan? Broadcasted pa yung hostage taking sa Aljazeera, BBC, CNN, etc.
    Aug 24 2010 @ 06:50am     Reply  
  • teena
    @oli--hindi ung hostage taking ang nakakaembarrass kasi kahit naman saan nangyayari un. ang nakkahiya eh kung pano rumesponde ang mga pulis. hindi ganun ang mga pulis sa ibang bansa
    Aug 24 2010 @ 06:42am     Reply  
  • Oli
    OA naman kayo, para namang walang mga shootings sa Tate, marami ding mga fatalities at incidents na ganito. Mga Pinoy talaga. Hanep
    Aug 24 2010 @ 03:55am     Reply  
  • xpie
    ang masasabi ko lang ay... pangalan at reputasyon pa rin ng Pilipinas ang nakataya rito. Kung kelan pilit ng binabago ang imahe ng Pilipinas ay may mga ganitong eksena na nangyayari... yun lang... :)
    Aug 24 2010 @ 03:48am     Reply  
  • Tita Aida
    The HK government was shift in declaring a black alert for tourist travel to the Philippines. What can I say? We have the same problems in HK and China too. There are these individuals who randomly throw plastic bags with acid on faces of tourists in HK. Some of the victims were Filipino tourists. There is this man who randomly stab tourists in Beijing. A victim was a Filipino tourist. The HK government and the Hong Kong Tourist Association were swift in providing perks to victims of violence, Filipinos included. Remember, the Philippines is one of the TOP tourist markets of HK. The Philippine authorities should have released a high-profile alert for travel to HK and China. What happened are high profile tourism travels of the former First Family boosting HK tourism instead of domestic tourism. Now more than ever, holiday economics should be continued and encourage domestic travel.
    Aug 24 2010 @ 02:38am     Reply  
  • Kit
    @Miron Ako - kung pwede magdagdag... WOW Philippines talaga! mapapa WOW ang turista.. WOW, I'm a freaking hostage! when we have military and police personnel thinking that they are above the law... ganyan talaga ang mangyayari.
    Aug 24 2010 @ 02:24am     Reply  
  • Kit
    hindi ito larong airsoft. that is a standard entry procedure (stacking) kaya lang... panay porma ang nangyari dahil alam nila naka video sila... thinking na pogi sila. kaso, katawa-tawa talaga yung SWAT, lalo na pag execute ng entry... the commander on the ground should be sacked and the entire team. as usual... panay porma... walang binatbat. just wondering, bakit sobrang restraint ng mga pulis when they could have easily taken him out much earlier? dahil kapwa pulis nila? but if that had been somebody else, patay agad iyon.

    i seriously doubt na hindi guilty as charged si Mendoza because yung hulidap na iyan ay talamak sa manila... talagang nag aabang ng mabibiktima ang mga pulis sa mobile... 80's pa yan, ganyan na ang systema... along quirino ave.

    those tourist didn't deserve that... no matter what their nationality is.
    Aug 24 2010 @ 02:18am     Reply  
  • Armchair General
    My post mortem assessment of the Quirino Grandstand hostage crisis:Things going against the police:1.They antagonized the hostage-taker by arresting his relatives on live tv, which was being watched by the suspect. 2.They failed to open the door of the bus and immediately get inside the bus, losing the momentum/surprise element of the assault. Things going for the police:1.They did not kill any of the hostages by mistake. (THANK GOD!) 2.Not one policeman lost his/her life in the incident. 3.Their snipers got the hostage-taker in the end. I give the PNP a passing grade on this one.
    Aug 24 2010 @ 02:17am     Reply  
  • Miron Ako
    WOW Philippines talaga! Sikat na naman tayo! Ipinagbawal na ng Hong Kong sa LAHAT ng citizens nila ang pagpunta sa Pilipinas. Pero ang mga Koreano walang pakialam, tuloy ang paglipat nila ng buong Korea dito! LOL!
    Aug 24 2010 @ 01:54am     Reply  
  • lol
    @ marj: well duh of course it's unacceptable. the point is, it looked like the vastly outnumbered suicidal hostage taker was braver than the whole police force present in the arena. Akala ko ba SWAT stands for SPECIAL WEAPONS and TACTICS? From what we've seen kanina, parang WEAPONS lang meron.
    Aug 24 2010 @ 01:02am     Reply  
  • Marj
    @ Boo, "Ang matapang dun yung hostage taker mismo, handa nyang harapin ang problemang kinasangkutan nya.". I don't need your spin. Violence in any form is unacceptable. Period.
    Aug 23 2010 @ 11:52pm     Reply  
  • Boo!
    @Marj , paanong naging brave yung mga pulis eh kitang kita nga sa video na mga takot na takot na nagtatago dun sa gilid ng bus? Ang matapang dun yung hostage taker mismo, handa nyang harapin ang problemang kinasangkutan nya. This is a wake up call not only for our police force but the government system as a whole. Now,where's the nationalists here? Still proud of your country?
    Aug 23 2010 @ 11:41pm     Reply  
  • Alipio
    Yes, it's another blow to our Tourism Industry and at the same time an opening salvo to Noynoy's matuwid na landas.

    I thought there is a Psycho test for cops before they are enlisted? There are a number of homicidal cops in the force. The PNP has to weed them out.

    Yes indeed, WE ARE AN EXTREMELY VIOLENT SOCIETY! I think it's the Malay heritage and its AMOK Syndrome. The Christian tag is just a veneer.
    Aug 23 2010 @ 11:18pm     Reply  
  • Marj
    I am glad it's over. The scene was flashed all over the civilized world. Footages showed our brave cops did not wear protective equipment. This is a sad day for our tourism industry and for the Philippines as a whole. We live in what we call a Catholic country (a sham) yet the culture of violence thrives. This culture starts at home (battery of women or physical abuse of kids) or in school (fraternities).
    Aug 23 2010 @ 10:16pm     Reply  
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