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Activist and performance artist Carlos Celdran jailed for "offending feelings of the faithful" after protesting during Manila Cathedral ecum
Published on: Oct 1, 2010 - 7:09am

Carlos Celdran tells Saksi, "I really am sorry for the method but I hope you heard my message loud and clear. My message is unapologetic. But for interrupting the mass and ruining your day, sorry about that."

Performance artist, activist and Intramuros walking tour guide Carlos Celdran was arrested on September 30 for staging a protest during an ecumenical service at the Manila Cathedral, reports Speaking against the Catholic Church's opposition to the Reproductive Health Bill, he stood in front of the cathedral's altar and said, "Stop getting involved in politics!" Claiming to be dressed as Jose Rizal in a suit and bowler hat, he held up a sign that said, "Damaso," referring to the villainous Spanish friar in Noli Me Tangere, the report said.

Police told it was Manila Mayor Alfredo Lim, who was in Manila Cathedral at the time, who had Celdran arrested at around 4:30 p.m. He was first brought to the police community precinct in front of the Lyceum of the Philippines and then transferred to the Manila Police District Station 5 in Ermita, according to

At around 8 p.m., the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines filed charges against Celdran for "offending feelings of the faithful," which is prohibited according to Article 133 of the Revised Penal Code. quoted the complete text of Article 133: "The penalty of arresto mayor in its maximum period to prision correccional in its minimum period shall be imposed upon anyone who, in a place devoted to religious worship or during the celebration of any religious ceremony, shall perform acts notoriously offensive to the feelings of the faithful."

Msgr. Nestor Cerbo, rector of the Manila Cathedral, said in a report, "(Celdran is guilty of) disruption of worship, which is a very sacred thing that should be given utmost respect. To make a scene and call that freedom of expression? That is pagbabastos (an insult to the church)."

Photo taken by Mariz Umali of GMA News.

Celdran told Mariz Umali of GMA News that his protest was "an appeal to (the church) not to be the new Padre Damaso in the new millennium because they really shouldn't be getting involved in affairs of the state. They threatened civil disobedience. I said, 'Why don't I show them what civil disobedience is about and see if they like it?'" He added, "I really am sorry for the method but I hope you heard my message loud and clear. My message is unapologetic. But for interrupting the mass and ruining your day, sorry about that."

He spent the night in jail but managed to post tweets. "WOW. Im gonna be here for a while. Possibility for five years... Oh my god. The church actually filed charges... its just hitting me now. I can't believe the cbcp has the capacity and THE DESIRE to see me jailed. Who is next?"

A Facebook page named "Free Carlos Celdran" was put up hours after Celdran's arrest. As of October 1, 8 a.m., the page has garnered over 3,100 fans. Another page, "Keep Carlos Celdran in Jail," posted an article entitled "7 Good Reasons to Keep Carlos Celdran in Jail." The article reads: "The media will sensationalize his jail time. Government officials will try to do something about the issue in a bid to get more TV time." According to the article, "The longer Carlos Celdran stays in jail, the bigger of an ass it makes the Church look. The devoted flock will flock elsewhere and the Philippine church will finally get the comeuppance it deserves for keeping us a choices-deprived, religion-drunk country."

Mitch Kowalski of the Financial Post wrote an article entitled, "A Catholic Taliban rules the Philippines?" Kowalski, who has known Celdran for about four years, said, "When do we send in the troops to free Filipinos from such religious tyranny?"

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  • juan_damaso
    Yan ang mahirap sa mga tao na malakas loob lumabag sa batas pag nahuli ayaw panagutan ginawa nila parang mga basang sisiw! Madals mo rin makita mga ganitong tao sa mga nahuhuling insanther at holdaper ang aamo! KUng matapang ka lumabag sa batas matapang ka rin dapat harapin ito. OGAG!
    Jan 31 2013 @ 10:26pm     Reply  
  • egg
    "Does that justify them attempting to impose Christian ideology on a secular nation?"rnrnOther way around, infidel. Aren't you people attempting to impose your secular ideology on a religious nation? Magsilipat na lang kayo sa Kanluran, mga peke.
    Oct 12 2010 @ 01:27pm     Reply  
  • blink ophanai

    Ah. rnrnSo OK lang pala 'yun. rnrnMr. Celdran, and I respectfully request this: may I bomb your house? :D I'll do it in the most artsy, performance-level manner I could, with matching fireworks, synchronized explosions and "O Fortuna" background music. And then I'll take a piss on what would remain on your doorstep and do it in such a way that it'd make a smiley pattern on the ground. I hope you won't get offended... it's a performance after all, and an exercise to my right to expression. EVEN AT YOUR OWN F*&!#@* EXPENSE. ;)

    Oct 12 2010 @ 01:20pm     Reply  
  • Frustrated Catholic
    I am really sad that some priests are destroying the religion that I love.rnrn
    Oct 05 2010 @ 07:25pm     Reply  
  • Andrei
    I really admire his guts to protest inside rnthe dwelling sacrament place...SObra na kasi ang pakikialam ng CBCP sa politics, they should have to spread the good values and not to intervene what the politics we have now...
    Oct 04 2010 @ 01:17pm     Reply  
  • John de la Croix
    What's wrong with MASS STERILIZATION ? it's the perfect antidote for the unabated, unwanted pregnancies of the unwashed Masa. Very clinical and one-time only. No abortions, no Pills, no condoms, no natural/artificial methods involved. It conforms to the wishes of the Santimonious Bishops. It's PERFECT!rnYou are not depriving them of their joy to Copulate, in fact they can copulate every hour on the hour if they want to. They just can't reproduce and blight the landscape of our cities. It's the PERFECT Solution!
    Oct 04 2010 @ 01:11pm     Reply  
  • xeno
    Let's see the Taliban took control of Afghanistan in the 90's because they overthew the existing, corrupt regime run by warlords. They were welcomed by many Afghans who were tired of decades of war and lawlessness. Does that justify what they did after that? Likewise the church was helpful in overthrowing Marcos in '86. Does that justify them attempting to impose Christian ideology on a secular nation? You can't deny the similarities to the Islamist Taliban movement.
    Oct 03 2010 @ 08:19pm     Reply  
  • Im Just Sayin
    Nope! am not a jerk or an a-hole or whatever name you want to call me. Just a politically incorrect straight-talker-period! I just dislike some of the pinheads here with mental diarrhea. Go in peace!
    Oct 03 2010 @ 04:27am     Reply  
  • Proud to be Pinoy
    @IM JUST SAYIN: Long time ago, the POPE promised the men of King (The Lion Heart) Richard that they will all go to heaven if they will join King Richard in his CRUSADE to make war with the Muslims. The POPE figured many will rally with King Richard following this promise. History will also tell us that countless lives were lost because they opposed the position of the leaders of the church. We do not need to go far, we all know what the leaders of the church did to us, Filipinos, during the Spanish era………………..The point is, some of us think that some of the leaders of the church has been using religion to influence various states and governments in their favor for the longest time. Some of us feel that this has to stop. Maybe this is one of the reasons why many among us would like to see a genuine SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE. Maybe this is one of the reasons why some of us are remarking not favorably to the church. Maybe some of us have bases. Maybe it is safe to say that these people have nothing against the church, but they surely do not agree with some practices of some of its leaders. May we have your thoughts, please?
    Oct 03 2010 @ 12:21am     Reply  
  • Zarathustra
    "The raging hormones and bubbling testosterone of the folks here; young and old, male, female, homosexual,bisexual, transexual etc. are the roots of the problem here and not the doctrine of the catholic church."rnrn- you're still living in the Inquisition! Doctrine my brown Filipino a**. There is a problem with the doctrine of the church when they try to force feed it to people. they are threatening the sovereignty of the state!
    Oct 02 2010 @ 11:37pm     Reply  
  • Rachel
    All I can say is: boy, I'm so glad I stopped going to church a long time ago. Organized religion is the root of a lot of conflicts in this already chaotic world.
    Oct 02 2010 @ 11:34pm     Reply  
  • I ain't Saying
    You are a Jerk and an A--hole, aren't you?
    Oct 02 2010 @ 11:33pm     Reply  
  • Zarathustra
    I don't agree to what carlos did but the church mafia should just shut up and let the government do its job. they've fed us crap for far too long now. if they're so great they would have made their catholic education free and distributed church lands to the millions homeless.
    Oct 02 2010 @ 11:31pm     Reply  
  • Proud to be Pinoy
    @IM JUST SAYING, your points are appreciated and well-taken. However, do you really need to be sarcastic to people who oppose your views? PEACE!!!
    Oct 02 2010 @ 11:15pm     Reply  
  • Im Just Sayin
    @ John dela Croixrn@ PinoyGookrnrnOn sterilizing the lumpen sector and forced sterilization of the masses? Are you guys for REAL? These lumpen sector and masses you referred to are HUMAN beings and not animals for Christ sake! rnYour idea is comparable to the nazis extermination of the jews in ww2. You guys are animals! you ought to be ashamed of yourself for calling yourself humans. Have peace.rn
    Oct 02 2010 @ 07:38pm     Reply  
  • Ahmed
    I'm a Taliban and if that puking president kowtows to the demands of the infidel I'll bomb every single mall in the city until Muslim demands in legislations are met! What's so special with the Catholic church that it acts like it'a the only religion around and dictating how I should live my life!?
    Oct 02 2010 @ 02:52pm     Reply  
  • Im Just Sayin
    It's a shame and sad to see the majority of the folks here agreeing with this Mitch Kowalski's article in Financial Times. This idiot must have been fast asleep with his binky in la-la-land when these same religious tyrants he referred to had been instrumental in peacefully freeing the Filipinos from the tyranny and dictatorship of Marcos. rnrnSince this mediocre artist and tour guide Carlos Celdran channeled Jose Rizal in his protest, I suggest that he should also be put in front of the firing squad, not as a martyr but as a nuisance.rnrnThe raging hormones and bubbling testosterone of the folks here; young and old, male, female, homosexual,bisexual, transexual etc. are the roots of the problem here and not the doctrine of the catholic church. Peace!
    Oct 02 2010 @ 12:28pm     Reply  
  • Michael
    Let's start locking everyone up who has "offended the feelings of the faithful". Let's start with every clergy member of the Catholic church, and then go on through each organized religion ... Islam, Buddhist etc. rnrnBecause that's exactly what the Taliban would do.rnrnrn
    Oct 02 2010 @ 07:45am     Reply  
  • Nagtatanong
    The church intervened because it is a moral issue. TANONG, mayroon bang issue na walang moral concern? Kung tatangapin natin ang dahilan na MORAL ISSUE, ang ibig bang sabihin maari ng makialam ang simbahan sa lahat ng issue?rnrn
    Oct 02 2010 @ 02:46am     Reply  
  • PinoyGook
    At kaninong statistics mo naman napulot iyan? doon sa bading na si Bernie Villegas ng Opus Dei? nabasa mo ba yung column ni Rigoberto Tiglao sa PDI ? mas credible si Tiglao ki Bernie. Ang totoo, overpopulated na tayo, at World Bank na mismo ang nagsasabi. Iyang mga masa ,hindi nag iisip iyan kaya dapat diyan FORCED STERILIZATION !
    Oct 02 2010 @ 01:11am     Reply  
  • pinaygeek
    di naman catholic church ang dahilan kung bakit ayaw mag family planning ng mga masa.rnrndi naman sila magiisip ng, "oh my gosh wag tayong mag contraceptive kasi sabi ni Father magagalit si God. let's like do it na lang au naturel hun.."rnrnmay kasambahay kami noon, 11 ang anak. tinanong ko bakit di sya nag cocontrol samantalang namimigay naman ang health center samin ng free condoms and injectables. sabi nya okay raw yung maraming anak para pag tanda nilang mag-asawa maraming mag-aalaga sa kanila.rnrnyung iba namang mga tambay sa amin, pag tinanong mo, ayaw daw nila mag condom. di raw kasi masarap at nakakabawas ng pagkamacho nila.rnrnmentalidad nila yan.rnrnsa isang banda naman, yung mga bansang avid fans ng contraceptives at abortion, nangaganib na ngayon dahil sa aging population nila.rnrnkaya may mga migration programs sila na pang-akit ng mga migrants favoring those na may anak. at yung ibang bansa naman halos puro pinoy ang labor force.rnrnisa pa, napakalaki ng pinas, ang daming malalawak na lupain. manila lang ang uberpopulated.rnrnang pilipinas ay hindi maynila lang. idevelop ang countryside para doon sila humayo at magpakarami.rnrn
    Oct 01 2010 @ 10:48pm     Reply  
  • Bb. Amelia
    we are not against catholism but if there is any church that will be against The President of the Philippines we will be in the side on the President all the way.
    Oct 01 2010 @ 09:40pm     Reply  
  • McQuina
    MALI!!!!ang simbahan ay lugar ng pananamplataya, kung wala kayong respeto sa mga pari,isipin nyo na lang na ang simbahan ay tahanan ng PANGINOON. Ang freedom of expression ay merong tamang lugar at panahon.
    Oct 01 2010 @ 09:17pm     Reply  
  • igeramos
    Mayor Lim to Carlos Celdran: Che, Sa presinto ka magpaliwanag. rnrnCarlos Celdran to Mayor Lim: Sa akin ang Intramuros, Sa iyo ang Parian.rnrnCardinal Rosales to Carlos Celdran: In fairness, type ko ang costume mo. Basta ang gown ko Camp Suki. Sino nga pala si Damaso? rnrnApparently, Celdran shared a cell with a tranny. Shades of "The Kiss of the Spider Woman"? Only in the Philippines we can create magic realism without even thinking about it. rnrnRemember it took them 500 years before they accepted the fact that the world is round. They branded Columbus as an heretic only to find out that they are wrong. rnrnSo what does the church wanted to do with Carlos Celdran? Burn him at the stake like Joan of Arc? And apologize again after 500 years because they made a mistake?rnrnAs for Carlos, may your tribe increase.rnrnAs for the Catholic Church, reform or perish.
    Oct 01 2010 @ 08:54pm     Reply  
  • Matiisin
    Kaisa mo ako sa paniniwala at layunin. Kaya lang, sa tingin ko mali 'yung pamamaraan na ginamit mo. "The end does not justify the means." Subukan nating ipahayag ang saloobin ng walang sinasaktan at walang binabastos.
    Oct 01 2010 @ 07:36pm     Reply  
  • Slake
    i am on the side of the Catholic Church on this. rnrnrn
    Oct 01 2010 @ 06:00pm     Reply  
  • John de la Croix
    Yeah, you are right! why do we need contraceptives if you go CASTRATE yourself now! hell, yes, we can up the ante, why don't we sterilize all these lumpen sector so that there would be less squatters in metro Manila?rnAnd hell yes, why don't we enforce castration in the seminary to curtail the rampaging libidos of these would -be priests? NO SEXUAL ACTIVITY, NO UNWANTED CONSEQUENCES ! ain't it nice?
    Oct 01 2010 @ 05:39pm     Reply  
  • Someone
    Contraceptives wouldn't be needed if we can control ourselves. That why we were created Man and not Animals bec of our ability to know right from wrong. To consider ourselves above our desires.rnrnPutting it in this perspective, why do we have to create a law to promulgate contraception.rnrnDi kailangan if we consider ourselves above our dogs.. . . unless of course you want to believe we are just like dogs.
    Oct 01 2010 @ 04:46pm     Reply  
  • Someone
    SEC. 21. Prohibited Acts. – The following acts are prohibited:rnrna) Any health care service provider, whether public or private, who shall:rnrn1. Knowingly withhold information or impede the dissemination thereof, and/or intentionally provide incorrect information regarding programs and services on reproductive health including the right to informed choice and access to a full range of legal, medically-safe and effective family planning methods;rnrn2. Refuse to perform voluntary ligation and vasectomy and other legal and medically-safe reproductive health care services on any person of legal age on the ground of lack of spousal consent or authorization.rnrn3. Refuse to provide reproductive health care services to an abused minor, whose abused condition is certified by the proper official or personnel of the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) or to duly DSWD-certified abused pregnant minor on whose case no parental consent is necessary.rnrn4. Fail to provide, either deliberately or through gross or inexcusable negligence, reproductive health care services as mandated under this Act, the Local Government Code of 1991, the Labor Code, and Presidential Decree 79, as amended; andrnrn5. Refuse to extend reproductive health care services and information on account of the patient’s civil status, gender or sexual orientation, age, religion, personal circumstances, and nature of work; Provided, That all conscientious objections of health care service providers based on religious grounds shall be respected: Provided, further, That the conscientious objector shall immediately refer the person seeking such care and services to another health care service provider within the same facility or one which is conveniently accessible: Provided, finally, That the patient is not in an emergency or serious case as defined in RA 8344 penalizing the refusal of hospitals and medical clinics to administer appropriate initial medical treatment and support in emergency and serious cases.rnrnb) Any public official who prohibits or restricts personally or through a subordinate the delivery of legal and medically-safe reproductive health care services, including family planning;rnrnc) Any employer who shall fail to comply with his obligation under Section 17 of this Act or an employer who requires a female applicant or employee, as a condition for employment or continued employment, to involuntarily undergo sterilization, tubal ligation or any other form of contraceptive method;rnrnd) Any person who shall falsify a certificate of compliance as required in Section 14 of this Act; andrnrne) Any person who maliciously en ges in disinformation about the intent or provisions of this Act.rnrnSEC. 22. Penalties. – The proper city or municipal court shall exercise jurisdiction over violations of this Act and the accused who is found guilty shall be sentenced to an imprisonment ranging from one (1) month to six (6) months or a fine ranging from Ten Thousand Pesos (P10,000.00) to Fifty Thousand Pesos (P50,000.00) or both such fine and imprisonment at the discretion of the court. If the offender is a juridical person, the penalty shall be imposed upon the president, treasurer, secretary or any responsible officer. An offender who is an alien shall, after service of sentence, be deported immediately without further proceedings by the Bureau of Immigration. An offender who is a public officer or employee shall suffer the accessory penalty of dismissal from the government service.rnrnViolators of this Act shall be civilly liable to the offended party in such amount at the discretion of the proper court.
    Oct 01 2010 @ 04:41pm     Reply  
  • ilovecarlos
    @louie You're an idiot.
    Oct 01 2010 @ 04:37pm     Reply  
  • Wrecktor
    If your title is "rector" does that mean you deal with people's (perhaps kids') rectums? Sick thought. Go Carlos. Stick it to them!
    Oct 01 2010 @ 04:35pm     Reply  
  • Someone
    Does everyone know everything that's written in the RH bill?! One section of it takes away the right of the doctor to say no to an abortion. Isn't that extreme to the other side of the coin?rnrnIt's not so much a separation of church and state but what is good and bad at it's simplest form. Putting aside the RH Bill, what Carlos Celdran did was wrong! Yes, priests are not perfect and yes some of them do unspeakably crazy things. But that does not excuse what he did. The means to an end not matter how 'justified' the end is doe not makes THAT means right!rnrnWhat he disrupted is not the priest -- it is the mass and the sanctity of it! My gosh, mahiya naman kayo. We are a Catholic Community. We cannot and must not just be ok with what has happened. rnrnThis is not just about the RH bill or bad priests. This is how we deal with situations. How we conduct our pleas to get to the end we want. Pretty soon we will justify killing because the end is good.
    Oct 01 2010 @ 04:34pm     Reply  
  • Kit
    @ albertdp - AMEN!rnrnto the catholic church - linisin ninyo ang simbahan and come clean with the financial statement of the catholic church, starting with the vatican. by the way, is the church exempted from paying taxes?
    Oct 01 2010 @ 04:33pm     Reply  
  • albertdp
    Catholic Church: Stop meddling in the affairs of the State! Hindi lahat ng Pilipino ay Katoliko! Hindi lahat ng Katoliko ay sang-ayon sa inyong pananaw! You have no right to assume you speak for all of us! STAY OUT OF POLITICS!
    Oct 01 2010 @ 04:28pm     Reply  
  • little child
    Oct 01 2010 @ 04:17pm     Reply  
  • little child
    MANILA, Oct.1, 2010—Although “frustrated” on President Aquino’s plan to push artificial contraception, the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines denied threatening him with excommunication.rnrnCBCP President and Tandag Bishop Nereo Odchimar underscored that they still believe in the spirit of dialogue as an “initial approach” on the matter “and not confrontation.” rnrn“Threat of excommunication at this point of time can hardly be considered to be in line with dialogue,” Odchimar said in a “disclaimer” issued Friday. rnrn“The imposition of the canonical sanction has not been contemplated by the CBCP,” he said.rnrnThe CBCP head also reiterate the Church’s position that human life starts at conception and not at implantation. rnrnIn Odchimar’s radio interview yesterday, which was adapted by television news and in major dailies today, he said that any completed act to expel or kill the fertilized ovum is considered abortion. rnrnIn the Catholic Church, abortion is a capital offence with a penalty of “excommunication” on those who procure and helped obtain it. rnrnExcommunication is a religious censure used to deprive or suspend membership in the Catholic community. rnrnChurch officials, however said, the purpose of which is not to reject anyone, but precisely to help people understand how evil abortion is, and help them to turn away from it.rnrnBut “right now, it is not a proximate possibility (as far as Aquino is concerned),” Odchimar said over Church-run Radyo Veritas on Thursday. rnrnThe prelate also clarified the Church intervenes on issues like artificial contraception “because this is a moral question.” rnrn“Among other things this concerns the right to life particularly of the unborn child in the mother’s womb,” Odchimar added in his statement. (CBCPNews)rn
    Oct 01 2010 @ 04:13pm     Reply  
  • Kit
    @Preston - sorry, i thought you were being sarcastic about what you said (which would have been cool anyway).
    Oct 01 2010 @ 04:12pm     Reply  
  • Neneng
    ikulong ang bakla, bigyan ng leksyon yan. walang galang, habang ngmimisa pasigaw sigaw. walang respeto sa bahay ng diyos. dapat lang na makulong yan, i-ban sa intramuros para mawalan ng negosyo. mayor lim, i ban sa manila at ibulok sa kulungan,
    Oct 01 2010 @ 04:02pm     Reply  
  • envicto
    We all have our own ways of letting other people know about how we feel, our ideas, our opinion, etc. His way was quite disturbing but kinda effective because he caught a lot of attention. And the excommunication threat of CBCP, I really find that childish and ridiculous. This is a democratic country. Everyone has the right to choose (so long as it's not disruptive).
    Oct 01 2010 @ 03:42pm     Reply  
  • hmmm
    condoms = prevents the meeting of the egg and the sperm, hence no fertilized egg / ovum / fetusrnrni therefore conclude that there is no abortion since there is no "life" yet!!!
    Oct 01 2010 @ 03:41pm     Reply  
  • Tommy
    The Ampatuans. The JocJoc Bolantes. The Hernando Perezes. The Eurogenerals. The Benjamin Abaloses. They are NOT in jail. And Carlos Celdran is in jail? Wow, what a country!!!
    Oct 01 2010 @ 03:32pm     Reply  
  • Preston
    @ Kit, you did not get my point? Read again. If you don't get it, I will use simple language.
    Oct 01 2010 @ 03:00pm     Reply  
  • Kit
    @Preston - so we should just ignore the injustices being done by the church? to turn a blind eye and even condemn the molested children of priest? to never even talk about these things as it "offends" the church? to never even question the "wisdom" of the church... even if that means being treated like slaves by the spanish friars in our own country. have the religious orders ever apologized for what these spaniard friars done to the country?
    Oct 01 2010 @ 02:52pm     Reply  
  • Padre Damaso™
    Peace 2 OL!
    Oct 01 2010 @ 02:46pm     Reply  
  • Kit
    ok, let us bow to the Catholic church and let us not pass the bill, BUT, pass a law that from here on all catholics should also go to their nearest parish church and demand from the priest and the good bishops and cardinals financial aid, jobs, decent housing, food, education from private catholic schools, etc. rnrnIT IS YOUR FAITH IN GOD, NOT YOUR RELIGION, THAT WILL SAVE YOU.
    Oct 01 2010 @ 02:29pm     Reply  
  • Preston
    After this Carlos Celdran scene, a huge majority of our population realized that YES we can now challenge the Church authorities. Feel free to YELL at priests or bishops whether they are speaking in their pulpits or at public events. Just yell "PADRE DAMASO!!!" then leave.
    Oct 01 2010 @ 02:25pm     Reply  
  • Kit
    i wonder which is worse... disruption of service or a service being conducted by someone who is morally corrupt? and for those who do not know, talibans practice extreme bigoted version of their religion based on a perverted insanity interpretation of their holy book. that though their prophet have decreed that Christians and Jews are not infidel (because we have holy books), these taliban do not interpret it as their prophet have decreed even if we have the same personalities in the holy book. as for the CBCP... masturbation is a mortal sin... need i say more?
    Oct 01 2010 @ 02:19pm     Reply  
  • Del
    @ My 2Cents, susmariosep, if some of them can molest children, they certainly have wide mouths (no pun intended) to defend themselves. They do not need a spokesman like you.
    Oct 01 2010 @ 02:08pm     Reply  
  • My 2Cents
    @Sugar Rush: As I have said, it is MY opinion and my point of seeing things and I'm not saying it *in behalf* of the Church. I'm just espressing my point of view as one coming from them. Peace!
    Oct 01 2010 @ 02:00pm     Reply  
  • Sacristan
    @ Im Just Sayin, don't be too technical about the real Talibans. It is the behavior of the Talibans st*p*d. And don't give us that crap about the Cardinal Sin. These are different times that require different measures although the dramatis personae are the same - the Padre Damasos. In reality, the it is only the media who makes the CBCP larger than what they really are. Watch, without the usual "hakot" of Catholic school students who grudgingly join them, nobody will join their protest actions except maybe the CWL. In addition, in support of Freedom of Information, let us require the authorities to PUBLISH a list of pedophile priests from all parishes starting from Laoag to Palawan. It's time to name names to protect our children.
    Oct 01 2010 @ 01:53pm     Reply  
  • Im Just Sayin
    Folks, rnrncomparing the CBCP to the Taliban is still plain ignorant! Period! Ask any Afghani, specially women who lived under these clerics rule and sure as hell, they'll tell you, our CBCP is N-o-t-h-i-n-g compare to the despicable Taliban's brutal regime. I suggest that you read up on this so that you can educate yourself on the difference between the two. rnrnYes, I agree on the separation of church and state.rnrnBTW, did you protest when the CBCP headed by the late Cardinal Sin, aligned themselves with Ramos & Enrile to ouster a sitting administration? Did you protest when Cardinal Sin and the CBCP during holy masses, endorsed Tita Cory for the presidency? Hmm?rnrnOn Carlos Celdran, this could have been the best performance of your theatrical career but you blew it baby, big time! Your 15 minutes of fame is sooo over and you're still a second rate actor. Enjoy your time in jail. rnrnrn
    Oct 01 2010 @ 01:36pm     Reply  
  • John de la Croix
    The Church had it coming! Ladies & Gentlemen we may not have voted for Pres.Noynoy, because of the popular perception that he is a wimp, but on this issue, as patriots of the land, let's rally behind him to pass the RH Bill. Let's show these demons masquerading as holy men, that enough is enough! These reactionary sector of our society is hell-bent on leading us on the road to perdition....
    Oct 01 2010 @ 01:21pm     Reply  
  • Sugar Rush
    @My 2Cents The Church said that they also consider and other contraceptives as a form of abortion. So yeah, the Church is against it. They only promote the "calendar method" of family planning.
    Oct 01 2010 @ 01:12pm     Reply  
  • Lala
    Moral or immoral. What I do with my body is my choice. What I do with my body is my own business.
    Oct 01 2010 @ 12:56pm     Reply  
  • My 2Cents
    I'm a proud Catholic. I grew up in a catholic school. I would just like to give my 2cents on the issue of the RH bill. I think that contraceptives "per se" are not immoral and it is not what the Church is against. I think that the point is, when everything is passed, everyone now has the excuse of "safe naman kami eh" without the thought of "pano kung sumablay ka?" that would lead to abortion which is what I think is the "immorality" in the bill. I think it should not be legalized since a fertilized egg or fetus already has a life of its own...abortion is K*LL*NG that innocent life...
    Oct 01 2010 @ 12:40pm     Reply  
  • Bob
    Priest "Anu ba yOn, You make a scene there and you call that Freedom?!"rnrnCBCP are not the taliban, they are who they are. Elitist, Antiquated, Holier-Than-Thou, Deceptive, Misinformative, Perverts who like to have control over womens parts. They are pretty much DAMASO already.
    Oct 01 2010 @ 12:22pm     Reply  
  • Arianna
    Tip for Disobedience: Attend mass wearing Filipiniana costumes with the word "DAMASO" plastered on any part of the outfit.
    Oct 01 2010 @ 12:08pm     Reply  
  • Pepe
    @ Im Just Sayin, you said "Shame on you for comparing the CBCP to the Taliban. You crabs are just plain ignorant! Civil disobedience my royal **s!". There is a separation of Church and State. That is as basic as A-B-C. Now, tell me who is ignorant! On with the civil disobedience against the Church.
    Oct 01 2010 @ 11:54am     Reply  
  • Im Just Sayin
    Let me guess... some of these people who posted their negative opinion on this article were at one point had proudly and with pride declared that....Philippines is the only catholic country in SE Asia. Shame on you for comparing the CBCP to the Taliban. You crabs are just plain ignorant! Civil disobedience my royal **s!
    Oct 01 2010 @ 11:46am     Reply  
  • ito yun
    @Pinoy Ako na Nagiisip- I like how you think.
    Oct 01 2010 @ 11:42am     Reply  
  • Tita Aida
    @ Louie, this is the Philippines and not Saudi Arabia or Iran. Carlos is Catholic. Do not include the Muslims in this discussion. Good try to spin. No luck for you.
    Oct 01 2010 @ 11:22am     Reply  
  • Otokomae
    Ang masyadong pakikialam ng Romano Catolico sa ating pamahalaan ang siyang humihila sa kahirapan at humahadlang sa kaunlaran...rnrnIs there any Catholic country in the world that is developed? None, all Catholic countries are moving backward!!!!!!!!!!!
    Oct 01 2010 @ 11:09am     Reply  
  • Louie
    Let this idi0t rot in jail. I dare him do it in the mosques of Saudi Arabia or Iran, let's see if he's really that courageous as people portrait him to be. He's nothing but an attention-seeker. Why doesn't he also turn his attention to the Muslims who are teaching violent behavior to young people? That's a far bigger problem than overpopulation.
    Oct 01 2010 @ 11:00am     Reply  
  • Bob Ong
    Sino ung pari na sumama sa prisinto? may tinatago cguro, duda lng ako kasi parang GAY eh!
    Oct 01 2010 @ 10:52am     Reply  
  • Louie
    Well, if he did it at a mosque I'm sure he'll be dead by now...
    Oct 01 2010 @ 10:43am     Reply  
  • Pinoy Ako na Nagiisip
    Ang mga tao na naniniwala na disiplina ang kailangan at hindi condoms ay bulag sa katotohanan ng realidad.rnrnAng mga tao na sa tingin nila ay publicity gimmick ito ni Mr. Celdran para mas kumita ang history tours niya ay hindi naisip na malamang banned na siya sa Intramuros pagkatapos nito.rnrnAng mga tao na sa tingin nila ay mas maraming alam ang mga pari sa hirap ng pagaaruga ng anak ay malamang hindi naranasan magalaga ng anak.rnrnAng mga tao na nagiisip na walang kwentang bagay ang ginawa ni Mr. Celdran ay hindi pa dumaan sa pagkuha ng bisa ng ibang bansa kung saan tinitignan kung ikaw ba ay nakulong na.rnrnAng mga tao na sa tingin nila ay tama ang ginawa ng mga pare na pinakulong nila si Mr. Celdran ay hindi nagaral sa Katolikong iskwelahan kung saan idinikdik ng mga pare din na usapan ang kailangan at hindi dahas.rnrnAng mga tao na naniniwala na ok lang takutin ang Presidente ng Pilipas ng excommunication dahil sa isang religious teaching ay hindi pa nababasa ang buhay ni Galileo Galilei.rnrnAng mga tao na sa tingin nila ay hindi ito makaka-apekto sa kung paano titignan ang Philippine Catholic Church ng mga tao, Katoliko man o hindi, Pilipino man o dayuhan, ay nabubuhay lamang sa isang makitid at maliit na mundo.
    Oct 01 2010 @ 10:42am     Reply  
  • bluepiranha
    Wow. That took guts on Celdran's part. Major kudos to him.rnrnI am 100% agreed with Ito yun's second paragraph. Clearly the Church is overstepping its bounds by bullying Noynoy - there is no other word for their excommunication threat. Maybe this is a desperate ruse for them to stay relevant in an increasingly secular world, but clearly they do not understand the separation of church and state.rnrnI never voted for the man but I believe Noynoy will do what is best for his country. Whether or not he plays the "populist" card and kowtows to such threats will be the true test of his mettle as a president.
    Oct 01 2010 @ 10:36am     Reply  
  • Edna Romero
    I go to church NOT to please the priests. I go to church to give thanks and praise to God. Let's not make sweeping statements like not going to church as a protest (are u even catholic!?? what were u thinking!? ).. Let's just pray for these priests that they may be enlightened on the issues re: the RH bill.
    Oct 01 2010 @ 09:58am     Reply  
  • Don
    THAT PRIEST IS A FAGGOT. Gayer than disco.
    Oct 01 2010 @ 09:57am     Reply  
  • Deinan Espidas
    Carlos Celdran hanga ako sa iyo. Siguro dapat sawayin natin ang Simbahan. Magusap usap tayo. Wag tayong magsimba isang lingo ngayong Octubre. Lets say October 10. Tingnan natin ang mga mukha nitong mga pari kung walang tao ang simbahan. Lets get the message across to them without making a big splash. This will be a silent message that will be very clear. By the way, 10-10-10 pala ito, so maybe that can be significant.
    Oct 01 2010 @ 09:49am     Reply  
  • monocle
    carlos is really an icon. What he does gets attention because he is so original and fearless. Thank goodness he stands in the right.
    Oct 01 2010 @ 09:49am     Reply  
  • Edna Romero
    Ako ay natawa kay neneng. ^_^ sana nga lang hinde na lang binastos ang misa kaya Kuya Carlos, next time sa kalye ka na lang magprotesta ha! :) rnrnAko man ay hinde pa decided kung sang-ayon ako sa RH bill. natatakot ako, tulad ng Simbahang Katoliko sa maaaring maging epekto nito sa sambayanang Pilipino. Imbes na magkaroon ng disiplina ang mga tao, on their own,... ay binibiggyan ng justification ang isang pagkakamali.. ..nakakatakot na matapos maipasa ito, baka malegalize na din ang abortion at divorce.rnrnIto ay isang opinyon lamang.. sana ay mag-isip isip pa tayo kng mas makabubuti o mas makakasama nga ba ang RH bill. rnrnMagandang Araw Pilipinas.
    Oct 01 2010 @ 09:47am     Reply  
  • ito yun
    Carlos Celdran has always been an advocate to safe sex and reproductive health. On his walk tours in Intramuros, he makes it a point to distribute condoms to the squatters in the nearby area. His actions were also propelled because of PNoy's support of the RH bill which eventually stirred the proverbial bees hornet dressed in clerical clothes. But on what he did, the end does not necessarily justify the means. His actions were wrong, but the message was straight and apt on solving the projected population of 94.01M this 2010.rnrnOn a personal note, it is not the church who feeds the people. It is not the church who pays for the tuition for our kids education. It is not the church the church who provides medication or pays the bills. And for the sake of argument, the church's role is to feed spiritual food to its flock, nothing more. These actions of the church makes me reflect on the medieval era, and yes, Padre Damaso. rnrnEnough said.
    Oct 01 2010 @ 09:08am     Reply  
  • Marj
    Viva Carlos! Job well done. That is what I have been saying all along - to bring civil disobedience inside their own backard. They certainly got a dose of their own medicine. That is not enough. Wait for all these major religious processions in Manila and I want to see protesters dressed as nuns distributing free condoms during these events. The Philippine Taliban won't give up. We won't give up too because we believe in separation of Church and State. PERIOD.
    Oct 01 2010 @ 08:55am     Reply  
  • Neneng
    mali na nga tong simbahan sa pagtutol sa RH bill, eto naman si celdran, echosera tong baklitang to. may tamang oras at lugar ng p protesta, hindi habang ng m misa. walang galang. che. pumapapel lang to kasi palugi na ang kanyang mga tours wla nang sumasama. nghahanap lang ng free publicity, froglet ka.
    Oct 01 2010 @ 08:48am     Reply  
  • Ningning
    Tama lang ginawa nya, masyado kasi nakikialam simbahan. Sunod sa layaw mga Pari, always using the threat of ex-communicating the president. kung sila kaya ex-communicate naten from the Phils?
    Oct 01 2010 @ 08:34am     Reply  
  • Joseph
    Free Carlos Celdran! The Church and Mayor Lim are getting to be so ridiculous. Unbelievable.
    Oct 01 2010 @ 08:33am     Reply  
  • Depeche Mode
    Oct 01 2010 @ 08:31am     Reply  
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