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Pinoy undergoes plastic surgery to look like Superman
ABS-CBN News, via a segment on Bandila, reports that Herbert Chavez, 35, has undergone various cosmetic procedures—from non-invasive treatments to surgeries that "re-sculpted" his nose and chin. He’s also had implants put into his thighs to give them a more muscular look.
Published on: Oct 4, 2011 - 11:27am

Herbert Chavez shows his "before" photo and his desired "after" photo. (Screenshot from Bandila video)


ABS-CBN News, via a segment on Bandila, reports that Herbert Chavez, 35, has undergone various cosmetic procedures—from non-invasive treatments to surgeries that "re-sculpted" his nose and chin. He's also had implants put into his thighs to give them a more muscular look.


Chavez, who is a beauty pageant trainer, started out as harcore Superman fan. In fact, he had a separate house for all his Superman memorabilia. Then, one day, it just wasn't enough anymore. He wanted to look like his favorite character as well. He had his first plastic surgery in 1995.


Chavez revealed that he wants to undergo even more surgeries to refine his "Superman look." He's even planning to undergo an operation that would make him taller. He said that the operation would be done in Japan.


For more on this story, log on to ABS-CBN News.

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  • botitoy
    Oct 11 2011 @ 10:19am     Reply  
  • entrepeneurman
    What a shallow goal. He's not even gonna make money out of it.
    Oct 07 2011 @ 07:25pm     Reply  
  • chad
    this is nice and all except that the recent superman doesn't look like this. so what now? another surgery? -_-
    Oct 07 2011 @ 07:15pm     Reply  
  • maksadiya
    What Fa*got and a freak !!
    Oct 07 2011 @ 04:16am     Reply  
  • maksadiya


    Oct 07 2011 @ 04:15am     Reply  
  • panggulo
    uhm..kamukha nya nga si Tim Yap.. lol.. Hi kororo!
    Oct 07 2011 @ 03:55am     Reply  
  • lol
    Leg implants to look more muscular? That's a goddamn joke why didn't he just go to the gym and get muscular? & if he really was a fan of superman he would have realized its not about the looks. I mean come on watch smallville it's a lot more complicated than that.
    Oct 07 2011 @ 03:00am     Reply  
  • superfan
    I think he looks better than the usual migrant worker he would have looked like. Viva Superman!
    Oct 07 2011 @ 01:22am     Reply  
  • alvin steffey
    He looks fabulous, coming from a fashionista, I know. rnYou go girl..rnGo!
    Oct 06 2011 @ 09:56pm     Reply  
  • octavia
    Siya ay nakuha na gay. Hindi na mayroong anumang sira na.
    Oct 06 2011 @ 09:42pm     Reply  
  • lex
    It takes more than appearance to become a real 'superman'.
    Oct 05 2011 @ 02:20pm     Reply  
  • niegger
    what a phuckin freak
    Oct 05 2011 @ 06:36am     Reply  
  • phonye
    this guy has too much spare time and money
    Oct 05 2011 @ 06:34am     Reply  
  • wonder woman
    Weytaminit! Compare naman natin yung before and after pix, medyo me improvement naman dibs?
    Oct 05 2011 @ 03:06am     Reply  
  • lois lane
    Hello people, go easy on your criticisms pwede ba? We don't know him personally para alipustain sya. Pera naman nya yong ginagastos nya at hindi inutang sa inyo or kinurakot sa kaban ng bayan. He can do anything he wants to his body. Walang basagan ng trip, please lang.
    Oct 05 2011 @ 02:54am     Reply  
  • boy abundat
    i pity him
    Oct 05 2011 @ 12:17am     Reply  
  • a
    tiyak, commenter ito sa
    Oct 04 2011 @ 11:50pm     Reply  
  • mia
    Looks more like the King of Pop than the Man of Steel.
    Oct 04 2011 @ 10:45pm     Reply  
  • reese
    Ang dami sigurong pera nitong taong 'to. I really can't understand why he needs to do these things.
    Oct 04 2011 @ 07:23pm     Reply  
  • super ghel
    Naku, baka mafrustrate siya ng bongga. Maging SUPER INDAY na siya in the future. lol
    Oct 04 2011 @ 06:48pm     Reply  
  • hhh
    ang kapal ng foundation and blush!
    Oct 04 2011 @ 05:12pm     Reply  
  • nobody
    Hindi kaya supegay?
    Oct 04 2011 @ 05:01pm     Reply  
  • daquiri
    a quien la importa? es su dinero de todos modos!
    Oct 04 2011 @ 04:07pm     Reply  
  • pro-fitness
    Surgery on his legs? Ilang buwang squats lang yan, okay na. Ang tamad siguro nito.
    Oct 04 2011 @ 02:48pm     Reply  
  • skyflakes
    ...kanyan kanyang trip yan, if that makes him happy and fulfilled and so be it, as long as it doesn't hurt anyone.
    Oct 04 2011 @ 02:38pm     Reply  
  • dan
    Superman? No!rnrnSupergirl? Maybe.rnrnSuperdog? Absolutely!rnrnLol.
    Oct 04 2011 @ 02:05pm     Reply  
  • lalaland
    Pareho na sila ng ilong ni Piolo.
    Oct 04 2011 @ 01:52pm     Reply  
  • bb
    hay naku, eh parang supergay yata ang lumabas sa pinagawa mong surgeries...c Tim Yap ang kamukha mo.rnrndapat unahin mo munang patingnan ang utak mo. nakakatakot ang ginagawa mo. donate mo na lang sa mga nasalanta ng bagyo ang perang gagastusin mo pa.
    Oct 04 2011 @ 01:44pm     Reply  
  • jesuswasablackman
    Will he need to pay royalties to DC Comics/Warner Bros. for use of Superman's likeness?
    Oct 04 2011 @ 01:22pm     Reply  
  • kororo
    Nakakalungkot ang balitang ito. Kung alam lang ng idolo mo ang ginawa mo, hindi siya matutuwa. Bagkus, sasabihin niya na iligtas mo ang sarili mo mula sa sarili mo. Dahil sa totoo tayo ang super hero at super villain ng ating mga sarili. Katulad ni Clark Kent, kailangang kilalanin at tanggapin muna natin ang ating mga sarili bago natin magagawang tumulong sa iba at sa mundo sa kabuuan.
    Oct 04 2011 @ 12:22pm     Reply  
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