7 Good Reasons to Go to the 7th Art In The Park

Grab a red pen and put a circle around March 16. It’s time for a little Art In The Park.

(SPOT.ph) It’s amazing to see Art In The Park grow from its humble beginnings of only 12 booths in a small corner of the Jaime Velasquez park a.k.a. Salcedo Park to an astouding 41-gallery and art school affair featuring traditional and modern works. Last year’s Art In The Park saw a good 5000 people in attendance. Perhaps the local art scene really is a growing eksena. We sat down with Trickie Lopa of the Museum Foundation of the Philippines to give you seven reasons why people should mark their calendars for this event, and why you should too.



1. Affordable art

The price cap for Art In The Park is P30,000. It may sound steep, but it’s a far cry from the typical price for art done by established artists.

"Where else can you find pieces by Geraldine Javier under P30,000?" Lopa quips. Most of the pieces fall between P5,000 and P15,000 but you’ll find well-made crafts for as low as P200 to P500.



2. Working with financial boundaries gives artists a chance to break creative ones

The artists themselves are excited to make pieces for Art In The Park. Lopa relates how Marcus Justiniani was caught saying that it stretches his imagination when he makes something specifically for this event. Affordable is definitely not synonymous to cheap.

Creativity is encouraged by the limit set by the price ceiling. New materials are used and smaller, more intimate pieces become available to the public.


3. Enjoy the open space

Aside from art, there will be food and music, too. There’s even a wine bar from Straights Wine Company.

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This year, Gentle Universe will be providing the music for art enthusiasts and for the evening goers, Vince Lahorra has a special jazz number at 8 p.m.

The unenclosed venue provides a comfortable and inviting vibe. Walk around the park with food in your hand, and listen to music while admiring installation art from Mac Valdezco, Goldie Poblador, and Jason Tecson.


4. It’s a crash course in the local art scene

"It’s a microcosm of what’s happening in the local visual art community," Lopa tells us. Walking around the park during this day, you’ll find that it’s not about who’s who. Up-and-coming artists get a chance to exhibit their work in public, maybe even for the first time. You’ll find traditional paintings hanging on one side, wearable ones on the other, and there’s even room for collectible toys. It’s a convergence of different styles from big and small galleries, art schools, and art groups.



5. Art for everyone

From hardcore artists to dilettantes, there’s something for everyone in Art In The Park. Avid collectors are excited to see familiar names and they get even more excited when they see unfamiliar names. People who are only starting to build their collection have a chance to know what’s out there for them. Lopa sums it up as, "A way to get your feet wet without breaking your wallet."

You don’t need to be familiar with art criticism or big names. This is your chance to avoid the awkward feeling of staring at a painting hanging on a wall, wondering what it all means. The variety of visual art is laid out in front of you and you can go for what you actually like!


6. It’s a way to support the National Museum

Art In The Park is the Museum Foundation’s main fundraising event for the National Museum and its network. A portion of the proceeds will go directly to educational programs carried out by the National Museum, including art education for public teachers and contributions to scholarships.

On that note, you can also be a volunteer for the Museum Foundation to keep that charitable spirit alive. They have a booth at the park where you can sign up so you can spread the love for art!


7. Each year is a treasure hunt

The organizers don’t curate the works so nobody knows exactly what will be out there. Lopa herself is excited because according to her, "Every year is different." There’s nothing like the thrill of finding something unexpected, giving patrons real motivation to keep looking around. You never know what you’ll discover.



Art in the Park will be held on March 16, 2013 at Jaime Velasquez Park in Salcedo Village,  Makati City

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