Catch Da Vinci: The Genius, An Inspirational Exhibit at The Mind Museum

Experience true genius from September 1 to November 30


( Today’s generation has the advantage of interesting antics of internet sensations to keep them amused but the rest of us had the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, which introduced us to Michelangelo, Raphael, Donatello, and Leonardo. That’s right, crimefighting turtles named after four great Renaissance artists. And if sword-wielding Leonardo was your favorite, The Mind Museum’s latest exhibit will explain why he’s the leader.


Da Vinci - The Genius is the largest and most comprehensive exhibition of the works of Leonardo Da Vinci to tour the world. The Mind Museum will house over 200 pieces that will make a case for why Da Vinci remains relevant, despite being dead for almost 495 years.


What Da Vinci’s Tumblr or Instagram page would look like


From September 1 to November 30, replicas of the "Mona Lisa," "The Vitruvian Man," and "The Virgin of the Rocks" will be on display for your viewing pleasure. Reproductions of his wooden works in military engineering and flight will also be shown, albeit not all pieces can be tinkered with.



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One of the more interesting pieces is the Mirror Room, an octagonal wooden box with mirrors for walls. Bring out your phone and take the utlimate selfie-one that captures every part of you endlessly.


It’s all about you


On a less narcissistic note, videos that explain why "The Last Supper" and "Mona Lisa" are such a big deal in the art scene are flashed on the walls. If you can keep still long enough and finish the presentation, not only will you look deep in artistic thought, you might also walk away feeling a bit smarter.



In a little room inside the Da Vinci room (room-ception), a special 50-minute BBC Documentary about "The Man Who Wanted to Know Everything" will be screened and it illustrates why an artist like Da Vinci joins the ranks of astrophysicists under the category of genius. It’s the need to know-the curiosity that leads you to do something really stupid (remember, his flying machines never actually flew) and come up with revolutionary idea along the way (he thought of contact lenses in 1508, hundreds of years before anyone attempted to make it).


Exhibit runs until November 30. Purchase tickets at Da Vinci only tickets are P250 for adults, P200 for children / students. For more information, log on to and


Photos courtesy of The Mind Museum.

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