Art Adventure: A glimpse of BenCab's art and life in Frames of Reference at the Lopez Museum and Library

Compare doodles with a National Artist

Historian Ambeth Ocampo, inspecting the details of BenCab's drawings


( Even giants started small, and in BenCab's case, small means tiny notebooks filled with curiously detailed...uh, doodles that are currently on display at the Lopez Museum and Library. Postcard-sized artworks curated by Dannie Alvarez invite art patrons to grasp the magnitude of 50 creative years. Just think of Sundays when you feel like there's nothing to do. Does Benedicto Cabrera, National Artist for Visual Arts, ever feel that way? Because it seems that even his laziest of days are productive.


Frames of Reference offers an insight into the habit of creativity that BenCab has formed, as well as the span of his interests. The selection at the museum includes posters, studies of flora, research compiled in books, and other yields from the restless hand of an artist constantly trying to document whatever piques his interest in all available forms. In other words, this is what people did with themselves before apps and the Internet made it easy to apply filters on your memories. 


BenCab's dedication to capturing life itself as he perceives it is showcased in the exhibit and if you allow it, it could lead to thoughts about what being an artist means. Think of what it means to keep wanting to do the same thing for 50 years. 


This fits in one hand. Tiny art is tiny!



Scribblings and sketches for your perusal



We shouldn't have been so surprised at the crazy amount of people in attendance on opening night.




BenCab: Rocking out before you were even born


Frames of Reference runs until July 4 at the Lopez Museum & Library, G/F Benpres Building, Exchange Road corner Meralco Avenue, Pasig City.


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