10 Filipino Artists You Should Follow on Instagram

Eye-gasm every day...and on your mobile phone.


(SPOT.ph) On Instagram, everything seems to be romanticized, from the #brekkies to the #flatlays. Photos always look like they’ve been curated with the appropriate filter. However, there’s no denying the fact that it can also be an inspiring photo-sharing app, whether you follow celebrities, socialites, and yes, creative local artists too.


Here are 10 Filipino artists’ Instagram accounts that will stimulate your senses and inspire you to get creative.




Yeo Kaa (@yeokaa)

Who thought pastel and neon hues could be so provocative? Yeo Kaa’s art is addictively confrontational.




Dolly Pontillas (@dollypontillas)

Dolly Pontillas is known for her female watercolor portraits with #tomatocheeks_. She’s also a designer.




Anton Belardo (@jellyfishkisses)

Anton Belardo describes himself as a visual artist and a full-time mermaid. He’s also a fashion stylist—put all these together and you get an energetic pop of artwork and #OOTDs.





Kris Abrigo (@krisabrigo)

Kris Abrigo presents urban art through geometric patterns, pops of color and surrealism on a canvas, wall, or even a pizza box—mostly using acrylic or aerosol.




Kenjay Reyes (@kenjreyes)

Can you believe your eyes? We can’t, either. Kenjay Reyes offers a lot of styles—from hyperrealistic paintings to doodles and illustrations.



Mayi (@art_of_mayi)

Mayi’s paintings look like they came straight from Tim Burton’s Big Eyes movie, only better. She also has her personal interpretations of famous works of art like the "Mona Lisa" and "La Pieta."




Isobel Francisco (@stainedpaper)

Isobel Francisco bends oil paint to surrealism with debatable subjects—which is a good thing.




Ku Romillo (@kuromillo)

Master of oil paint Ku Romillo not only makes Renaissance-inspired paintings look awesome. She also puts them in intricate frames that she designs herself.




Geovanni Abing (@gdart_)

Geovanni Abing mixes collages with acrylic, watercolor, and embroidery. The result? Stunningly captivating mixed media artwork.




JC Peñaflorida (@littlespaceboi)

JC Peñaflorida can manipulate graphite and markers well, but the majority of his work feature women with almond eyes through watercolor.



Erratum: The first version of this article said that Dolly Pontillas is a DJ. This has been corrected. Like us on Facebook for daily updates!

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