10 Hugot Lines From The Heartbreak Diaries That Will Give You the Feels


(SPOT.ph) Sometimes you just need a good, long cry. And what better way than through heart-wrenching poetry? Pierra  Calasanz-Labrador beautifully captures a modern girl's jitters and pains through a collection of poems called The Heartbreak Diaries. The small book may look fragile, but it holds a powerful message of finding strength in vulnerability. Celina de Guzman’s dreamy illustrations will transport you to the ephemeral world built on the words of the author.


The Heartbreak Diaries holds 40 poems written by Calasanz-Labrador whenever she experienced heartbreak, or reflected on the struggles of a friend. Writing down her feelings was her way of acknowledging them, and helping her manage them better. Here are 10 excerpts from The Heartbreak Diaries that will give you the feels.




Just as I am poised for flight
I decide
Diving into you is more brave.”

—excerpt from Kamikaze


“Drunk on joy, and
Almost afraid to ask for more
It was terrifying to be happy
To the point of madness”

—excerpt from Sabotage


“No more finger pointing
The business of blame is done
How did it come to this
How does love unravel with no sound?”

—excerpt from Mute


“We’re happy, yet…
The torture of
What could’ve been
Burns an acid hole
In my placid life”

—excerpt from Party Line


“I refuse to end up
Like the million other girls
Lying broken,
puddling at your feet.”

—excerpt from Humpty Dumpty



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“We can’t be friends
Until I can look you in the eye
Of your sting”

—excerpt from This Little Sting Called Love


“Since when did we start keeping score?
How do I proceed,
When your love feels like
It’s only on loan?”

—excerpt from Indebted


“You met me first
And if you didn’t spot
my number one potential then,
then when?”

—excerpt from Miss In-Between


“I hate the way you make me feel
That I’m never whatever enough
You have this ideal
And I suffer because I don’t fit”

—excerpt from Moving On


“I kept searching for my other half;
I missed the whole point.
A soulmate
could not plug a hole
I dug out myself.”

—excerpt from Hollow




Check out The Heartbreak Diaries, now available at Hey Kessy Studio and Common Room.


Photos from The Heartbreak Diaries Poetry’s Facebook page

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