Jon Santos' Wala Talagang Malacanang gave us serious LBM

...but not the gross kind.


( Jon Santos doesn’t fail to make the audience howl with laughter with his wit, humor, and masterful impersonation. In his extended comedy WTF: Wala Talagang Forever (sa Malacañang), Jon becomes many different political personalities—that we actually like. It’s amazing how he easily transitions from Grace Poe to Erap to Nanay Dionisia, complete with the white polo, garbled diction, instructors. The show was held on December 4 and 5 at Teatrino, Greenhills and was presented by Music Museum Group Incorporated, under the direction of Jenny Jamora.  


We wouldn’t want to spill too much as Jon announced that WTF is extended—again. There will be shows in January and February 2016 (it’s that good!). It's also a timely and strategic eye-opener for the electorate using humor. Most of the time, all we really need is a good laugh—or as Jon put it, LBM: laughter, the best medicine. Trust us, every minute of the two-hour show will have you slapping your seatmate while cackling.


Here are four of our favorite impersonations:


Interviewer: “Favorite game?”
Grace Poe: “Poe-ker.”
Interviewer: “Favorite food?”
Grace Poe: “Liem-Poe, chamPoerado.”
Interviewer: “Favorite cartoon character?”
Grace Poe: “Poe-kemon.”
Interviewer: “Favorite animal?”
Grace Poe: “I love cats...Poe-sa.”


Erap: "I was ex-mayor, I was an ex-senator, ex-vice president, even an ex-convict."


Vilma Santos: "Hello, Luis, my son for all seasons. Hindi ako maka-decide kung Deal or No Deal...Alam mo naman ako, VIP: very important person, Vilma in person...Vilma is peymus."


Mommy Dionisia: "Ang D&G ko no'ng araw Duster ng GenSan...D&G, LV, YSL—pinaka-hate ko na letters, BIR!" 



Jon (as himself) brilliantly ends the show with PECPEC (Philippine Encyclopedia of Current Personalities and Events of the Country), his rundown of the events we should all look back on in 2015, from A to Z. 


On AlDav:
"Sino kaya mas sumakit ang ulo, si Alma o si Karen? Si Alma hindi sumasakit ang ulo non—slightly used."


On climate change:
"Damang dama ng Pilipinas ang global warming lalo sa EDSA. Ang collective na init ng ulo ng tao is warming the globe...Totoo ba 'yong sinasabi sa Montero, sudden acceleration? E nasa EDSA ka nga."


On the disqualification cases:
"If they're going to open a more thorough investigation of the candidates...'yong iba kasi parang 'di galing sa Pilipinas, 'di nga galing sa mundong ito eh. Si Binay parang galing sa Mercury kasi medyo sunog. Si Miriam hindi nila alam sa'n nanggaling but she's really out of this world. And of course, a lot of them pagsususpetyahan mo'ng galing sa Uranus because they're full of shit." 

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