10 Inspiring Filipino Crafters to Follow on Instagram

Inspire your inner artist.


(SPOT.ph) These days, crafting is not just for kids anymore. Even the busiest office girl has to take a break and unleash her creativity through coloring books, wreath-making, leather crafting, papercutting, calligraphy...the list just goes on.


While counting the hours till the end of your workday, why not browse through these Instagram accounts and find which art form inspires you the most? Happy crafting!




Alessandra Lanot | @lifeafterbreakfast

Alessandra Lanot (a.k.a. Alessa) is a pattern designer who loves teaching what she knows to kids and aspiring crafters. She ran a mobile arts and crafts school for kids from 2002 to 2008 and now holds one-day intensive workshop for adults. Her Instagram can give you a sneak peek on her lectures in watercolor, modern calligraphy, and pattern design.



A photo posted by Joy Ann (@quillist_joy) on


Joy Ann Chua | @quillist_joy

Quilling (a.k.a. paper filigree) involves rolling, looping, curling, twisting, shaping, and gluing together strips of paper to create decorative designs. Joy Ann Chua is an expert on this and continuously experiments with different colors and forms.




Mansy Abesamis | @mansyabesamis

Mansy Abesamis's favorite craft is paper cutting but she also designs jewelry. The result? The crafter behind Hey Kessy combines the two by putting her little papercut pieces inside glass pendants for necklaces. Often, it's the places she's been to or scenes that move her that inspire her next art work



A photo posted by @gawanifemi on


Femi Cachola | @gawanifemi

All-around crafter Femi Cachola specializes in handpainted ceramic pots perfect for the succulents and cacti on your desk. She sells these "potheads" through her brand name Gawa ni Femi and they're available at Hey Kessy in UP Town Center and Belleville Cafe in Quezon City.





Patrick Cabral | @darkgravity

Patrick Cabral snips and snaps for the art of cutting paper designs. His works are not just simple paper cutouts but 3D pieces of paper owls, monkeys, lions, and even a haunting skull.




Bobby Ruiz | @bobbyderhandwerker

Bobby Ruiz has been crafting things for as long as he can remember. He specializes in paper origami and creates fancy arrangements of peacocks, swans, bellflowers, lilies, and just about anything out of thin air (or paper).



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Abbey Sy | @abbeysy

Abbey Sy's Instagram posts reflect her passion for both art and travel. She is best known for her hand-lettering work and travel illustrations. She also takes journaling to a different level by designing the otherwise blank pages with her own colorful touch.

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Alexandra Paredes | @rubberduckystampco

Thanks to graphic designer and illustrator Alexandra Paredes, your blank papers, wrappers, and notebooks can now be filled with art. She draws, carves, and assembles stamps through her brand Rubber Ducky Stamp. How cute is that? Each stamp is also mounted on a wooden handle, making it easier to use.




Fozzy Castro-Dayrit | @thefozzybook

Calligraphy is still one of the most popular creative outlets these days and you can never have too many calligraphy posts on your IG! Fozzy Castro-Dayrit fills her IG account with posts of her calligraphy practice drills, cute photos of her kids, and even shoefies. You can also check out her website for video lessons on lettering.



A photo posted by Mary Velmonte (@paperlovemary) on


Mary Velmonte | @paperlovemary

Taka-making, or the art of making paper mâché through the use of carved wood as mold, originated in Paete, Laguna. Mary Velmonte revives this cottage industry by starting her own taka-making business that caters more to cute-loving yuppies in the Metro. Don't worry, she learned from the best local craftsmen. Her works can be found at Seek the Uniq and 10A Alabama in Quezon City.



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