10 Lessons on Love From Love/Sick

John Cariani's Love/Sick runs until August 20 at the Mind Museum Auditorium.


(SPOT.ph) What do we know about love? Not much, really. But John Cariani's Love/Sick points out a few things about it (or, at least, tries to) through a series of nine vignettes that explore the quirks of love and relationships. All set in suburban America, each 10-minute skit is unique—from strangers meeting for the first time at a grocery store, to a declaration of love that leaves a man literally tongue-tied, to getting cold feet on wedding day, to battling boredom in a long-term relationship, and to a chance meeting with an ex.


The Philippine run of this play is by Upstart Productions and is directed by John Trinidad. It is co-produced by multi-awarded pop singer Rachel Alejandro who, after having read the script of Love/Sick for the first time, enthused, "It’s rare enough for something to be so real and true...but somehow, this show is funny, as well!”


What are these truths that Love/Sick tells us? We round up a few in an attempt to make sense of that thing called love.




There may be no difference between love and a disease.

More often than not, you do things differently when you're in love. You also feel different—butterflies in your stomach, head in the clouds, a big smile that reaches until the tip of your ears, etc.


Treat every day like it's your first date.

Relationships, when not handled well, easily lose that sweet honeymoon phase. You just have to bring back the spark from when you first met.


Me-time is a must.

Unless you want to one day ask yourself “Where was I?” That’s the title of one of Love/Sick’s vignettes, by the way.


High risk, high returns.

It's not just for investments! Give it everything you've got, and you just might get lucky and get a #forever!


Great expectations equal great disappointments.

Love is ironic like that. So maybe don't set expectations too high.



Relationships are a compromise.

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You would sometimes have to agree to disagree.


Communication is key.

Making Facebook comments on each other’s posts doesn’t count!


There’s a reason “kiss and makeup” is a phrase.

Despite your differences, sometimes, all it takes is remembering why you love each other in the first place.


Love/Sick is an age-old concept.

"Love-sickness" has wound its way through Greek drama, Shakespeare's comedies and tragedies, Spanish literature, and even Hollywood's romantic comedies. This combination of emotional, psychological, or physical derangements are often caused by people's attachments to one another.


Love is like riding a perpetual emotional roller coaster.

Each play in Love/Sick either presents couples high on happiness or nose-diving into dismay. The characters are always in a state of constant emotional volatility because…that’s love.



Love/Sick stars Rachel Alejandro, Teenee Chan, Bibo Reyes, Mica Pineda, Nicky Triviño, Joel Trinidad, Noel Rayos, and Onyl Torres. The next shows are on August 12, 13, 14, 19, and 20 (Fridays at 9 p.m., Saturdays and Sundays at 8 p.m.) at the Mind Museum Auditorium, J.Y. Campos Park, 3rd Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. Tickets are at P500. For more information, contact Upstart Productions at 0917-811-6156 or upstarttickets@gmail.com.


Photos courtesy of Upstart Productions

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