How to Deal When You're in Love With Your Best Friend, According to Mula sa Buwan

It runs until February 26.


( What do you do when you're in love with your best friend, but you don't have the courage to say what you feel? It's an all too familiar story, but every retelling seems to be more painful every time. Mula sa Buwan, a new musical by Pat Valera and William Manzano currently on stage at the Henry Lee Irwin Theater, takes a shot at these familiar feelings of love and heartbreak.


The story is inspired by the well-loved play Cyrano de Bergerac but adds a Filipino twist. The Edmond Rostand original is now set in 1940s Manila where Cyrano (Nicco Manalo/Boo Gabunada), a cadet, and Roxane (KL Dizon), a blushing colegiala, are the best of friends. Christian (Edward Benosa/Fred Lo), a newcomer from the province, falls in love with the beautiful damsel and asks Cyrano for help. Get ready for the feels, because the lyrics and music are sure to tug at your heartstrings. We dare you not to shed a tear or two.



Fresh from wiping our tears (and nursing our wounded hearts), we round up our thoughts while watching Mula sa Buwan.


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Make your peace with The Friend Zone (in case you'll be there forever).

It's as if all hope is lost when Roxane keeps emphasizing how much of a good friend Cyrano is. Mula sa Buwan reminds us how close the word kaibígan (friend) is to káibigan (lover); its meaning changes with just a shift in stress and tone. We’re still not over that Jollibee commercial, by the way. But really, it's not all that bad because let's face it, friendships have a better chance of lasting compared to romantic relationships.


You'll always have a sharp mind. Looks fade with time.

Writer Anaïs Nin couldn't put it any better. "You fall in love with people's minds. I'm going to lose you to Henry," her husband Hugo said as recorded in Henry and June: From the Unexpurgated Diary of Anaïs Nin. In Mula sa Buwan, Roxane may be infatuated with Christian's good looks, but she still expects the probinsyano to have a mind as sharp as Cyrano's, who always speaks in sweet verses.



Remember that you can’t have everything.

When Cyrano—who’s not as handsome as Christian—learns that his rival is not as well-versed as he is, he can’t help but say that the world is still fair. He may not have the looks, but he certainly has the wit.



You're not alone. We all have that one friend.

Trisha has Barbs (Die Beautiful), Carson has Jason (I’m Drunk, I Love You), and Ted has Barney (How I Met Your Mother). These sidekicks always go the extra mile to support us and even save us from our own stupidity. For Christian, how weird it may be, it's Cyrano who’s there when he needs a wingman.


Be #ManliligawGoals.

He speaks with rhyme and meter, can compose his own songs, knows how to play the guitar, and compares the beloved to a rose "na humahalimuyak at wala nang katulad sa hardin ng mga bulaklak." Cyrano makes harana popular again.



Mula sa Buwan runs until February 26 at Henry Lee Irwin Theater, Ateneo de Manila University, Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City. Tickets, prived from P600 to P800, are available through Ticketworld. Limited Mula sa Buwan EPs are available for P250 at the venue.

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