Lourd de Veyra Doodles His Way Through the Pandemic

Twelve out of over 200 of his works are now on exhibit.

Lourd de Veyra Doodle

(SPOT.ph) Lourd de Veyra is a man of many trades. He is a journalist and TV host with a penchant for witty commentaries on Philippine politics, a poet with three published collections, a two-time Palanca-winning essayist, vocalist for Radioactive Sago Project, and the guitarist for Kapitan Kulam. But the ongoing pandemic and quarantine has been hard, and De Veyra found comfort in drawing and doodling all day. Golden Cargo Gallery has 12 out of over 200 of his works on exhibit from January 1 to 15.


Lourd de Veyra Doodle

"I was having a difficult time writing; to play and listen to music was impossible. It was to cope with an extraordinarily grotesque time. June last year I decided to go back to a childhood love—drawing [...] Nothing structured, almost nothing planned, and it was fucking therapeutic," the artist reveals on Facebook. He started "taking the line out for a walk" in June 2020 and produced doodles that "went on strolls in bad psychic neighborhoods." The pieces, which are mostly ink on paper, feature dark and surreal illustrations of monsters and antropomorphic creatures.

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Golden Cargo Gallery, which is more of a concept than a physical space, complements De Veyra's abstract musings. "This gallery is a rented safe deposit box in a bank. I will invite artists to deposit a small object/s in the box gallery and take photos of them for exhibition in Instagram," gallery owner and artist Gerry Tan said in an interview with The Drawing Room back in July 2020 when he was still conceptualizing the initiative.


The exhibit can be viewed through @goldencargogallery on Instagram. 

Lourd de Veyra's drawings are on exhibit from January 1 to 15. You can check out his works on @goldencargogallery or @lourdoodling on Instagram.

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