Taste Tests: Death by Chocolate Cake

Who takes the proverbial (chocolate) cake? Find out as Community Editor, Karl, checks out the city’s best.

At the heart of every tortured human soul exists a gaping hole that needs to be filled with something. We say that something is chocolate. This tantalizing treat can come in no better form than a chocolate cake - heavy, moist and oozing with the comforting brown ganache.

It also comes as no surprise that the chocolate cake has evolved from being a children’s party cake to something we can appreciate and enjoy any time. It’s thanks to a lot of great chefs and bakers who have taken the game of injecting chocolate into our systems to a whole new level. But who has the edge? Whose product can take the proverbial cake? SPOT has allowed me to unleash the full potential of my sweet tooth by comparing five of the best chocolate cakes in the metro today. From north to south, here are the chocolate cakes that you should be eating.


costa-brava.jpg Taste Tests: Chocolate Cake picture by spotdotph


Costa Brava’s Chocolate Cake

Moist Factor: Out of the whole group, Costa Brava’s cake has probably the least moisture content.

Fluffiness: It’s the fluffiest cake of the lot. Very light and easy to eat. It’s more for the lightweight chocolate cake lovers out there.

Frosting: Upon opening the box, your first whiff of the cake aroma tells you that you’re dealing with the best chocolate icing in the city.

Cost per box: P120 (heart shaped cake, good for 3), 9x12 (P850), 10x14 (P1200), 12x18 (P1500)

Costa Brava is located at 12 Polaris St., Bel-Air I Village, Makati City. For orders and inquiries please call 896-6872.

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miss-desserts.jpg Taste Tests: Chocolate Cake picture by spotdotph

Miss Desserts’ Choco Decadent

Moist Factor: I consider myself a fan of the most moist (the moistest?). But for Miss Desserts, the liquid content of the cake is just right in that the cake won’t break apart when you dig your fork into it.


Fluffiness: This ain’t no lightweight. But that’s a good thing. This cake gets a low score for fluffiness but it makes it all up by virtue of it being packed with just the right amount of chocolate ganache.

Frosting: The signature of Miss Desserts is that they don’t make their cakes too sweet. This means that you probably won’t know that you’ve finished your cake up to the very moment you stick your fork into an empty plate. For sugar junkies, you can ask for caramel sauce on the side.

Cost per Slice: 8 Inches (P825.00), 6 Inches (P450.00), Slice (P107.00). They also have a sugar free version - Personal (P125.00), 6 Inches (P600.00), 9 Inches (P1150.00)

Miss Desserts is located at G/F Serendra Piazza McKinley Parkway Road Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City. For orders and inquiries please call 856-1429.

cafe-mary-grace.jpg Taste Tests: Chocolate Cake picture by spotdotph

Café Mary Grace’s Chocolate Cake


Moist Factor: This cake has a little bit more moisture content than Miss Desserts but not as much as Polly’s.

Fluffiness: Among all the cakes, this one has achieved perfect balance of fluffiness while packing in heavy chocolate content.

Frosting: Surprisingly, the frosting of this cake is very light and not too sweet. It’s creamier than the frosting of the other cakes. It’s the only one that offers a custard layer.

Cost per box: P70 (Slice), P483 (Whole)

Café Mary Grace is located at Ground Level Main Mall, Trinoma Mall, EDSA cor. North Ave., Quezon City. For orders and inquiries please call 916-9003 or  916-9004.

chocolat.jpg Taste Tests: Chocolate Cake picture by spotdotph

Chocolat’s Deep Dark Classic

Moist Factor: Like the Miss Desserts chocolate cake, the moisture content of this classic is just right.

Fluffiness: The cake inside is a little bit thin.

Frosting: What surprised me is that the outer layer of the cake is made up of a satin fudge frosting, giving the cake a new dimension in terms of texture. It’s like eating a soft chocolate bar then chocolate sauce then the cake. It’s a triple threat.


Cost per box: P50 (Slice), P170 (Loaf), P450 (Whole)

Chocolat is located at G/F SM North EDSA, The Block, EDSA corner North Ave., Quezon City. For orders and inquiries please call 442-0156.

pollys.jpg Taste Tests: Chocolate Cake picture by spotdotph

Ms. Polly’s Chocolate Cake

Moist Factor: The famous cake from the south gets a perfect score in the moistness factor. This is as moist as you can get. Moist.

Fluffiness: Though some of the fluffiness is sacrificed by virtue of packing in so much chocolate, it still manages to retain a little bit of fluff in different areas of the inside.

Frosting: Thick and heavy, Ms. Polly’s isn’t shy about giving you pure and unadulterated chocolate. It’s as sweet as it can be and it’s your problem if you can’t handle the truth - it’s the best out there.

Cost per box: P360.00 (Box). Allegedly, they also sell small squares for P26 at the Shell Station in Magallanes (not near EDSA).


Polly’s Chocolate Cake is available at Shell Select in Magallanes. For orders and inquiries please call 824-7612.

Text and Images by Karl Bustamante

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