The Cup Noodle Canoodle went on a cup noodle taste-test spree to see which noodles you should be buying off the grocery shelves.

Whether you're craving a warm, light meal on a rainy day, are pressed for time and need one quick, or are throwing all health caution to the gusty wind for an MSG fix, nuked some of the latest insta-national flavors of no-cook cup noodles to titillate your discerning taste. See our recommendations!


5 Spots •••••- Shwiiing!
4 Spots   ••••- Sluuuurp!
3 Spots       •••- OK, but that's it, pancit
2 Spots           ••- So-So(ba)
1 Spots            •- But why???


1.       Maruchan Midorino Tan
Price: P95.00
Made in: Japan

Packaging Power: Unless you speak Japanese, it's pointless to read anything on it. But the green color is fresh and the food picture looks appetizing.
Ease of Preparation: The how-to pictures are simple to understand, and the seasoning packet is easy to tear.
Minutes to Cook: Let's assume that the number 3 on the top cover stands for cooking time, yes?
Net Weight & Quantity: 400 ml; The noodles almost fill up the bowl. Good for two, if you're a light eater.
Soupy or Dry: Soupy and it needs a lot of hot water to reach the water line.
Smell: A hint of seafood.
Toppings: A freeze-dried disc of yellow, green and orange edible stuff, a few crab sticks–more or less like what's on the top cover photo.
Flavor: At first, you can't tell what it tastes like but eventually the seafood flavor kicks in.
Noodle Type: Thin, curly noodles that look like the fancy gourmet or wheat kind.
MSG Content: Judging by taste, it seems to have a healthy dose. But ask your Japanese-speaking friend to read the nutritional value chart.
Rating: 3 •••


tekki-copy2.       Tekki Shomen
Price: P13.50
Made in: Philippines by Zesto Corp.

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Packaging Power: The bright fuchsia color pops out of the shelves. Looking forward to the large pieces of chicken and egg toppings as shown in the picture.
Ease of Preparation: Yes! English words AND photos! But it's a chore to open the seasoning packet–no tear here so you'll need scissors. The ol' biting trick didn't work.  
Minutes to Cook: Three
Net Weight & Quantity: 60 grams; good serving size
Soupy or Dry: Swimming with soup!
Smell: Like instant noodles
Toppings: Bits of dried carrots, onion sprigs, brown specs… What the frak? Where's the chicken and the egg???
Flavor: Nothing spectacular
Noodle Type: The thin, flat kind and they stay aldente even when left soaked
MSG Content: Get your fill of sodium: iodized salt, MSG and chicken flavoring are on the ingredients list.
Rating: 2 ••

miki-copy3.       Miki Sotanghon Classic Guisado
Price: P26.00
Made in: Philippines by Magnolia


Packaging Power: The blue and gold color theme looks classy and makes the food picture delectable.
Ease of Preparation: Pictures go with the instructions so it's relatively easy to prepare, but careful when draining the H20; noodles might slip!
Minutes to Cook: Three
Net Weight & Quantity: 88 grams; The huge bowl simply cannot contain all the noodles and toppings (Read: sarcasm)
Soupy or Dry: Dry
Smell: Like toyomansi
Toppings: Again, false advertising. A far cry from the cover photo 'cause all you get is brown sauce. But in fairness, there are a lot of meaty bits.
Flavor: Toyomansi; a little on the salty side but tasty nonetheless
Noodle Types: Sotanghon and thin, flat flour noodles
MSG Content: 410 mg; With all that sauce, it tastes like more
Rating: 3 •••.

don-pie-copy4.       Donpie Tempura
Price: P90.00
Made in: Japan by Nissin

Packaging Power: Even if I can't understand the print, the picture looks delicious enough. Plus, trust the Japanese to know good noodles.
Ease of Preparation: No English translation but the picture instructions are a cinch to figure out. Also, easy to tear seasoning packet.
Minutes to Cook: Who has five minutes?
Net Weight & Quantity: 440 ml; It has hefty helpings of noodles so this one's a treat for those with a sumo appetite.
Soupy or Dry: Soupy and needs a lot of hot H20 to cook
Smell: Artificial seafood
Toppings: Tempura-ized vegetables and shrimp bits that get soggy after cooking
Flavor: Tastes like the Chinese Maruchan above, actually.
Noodle Type: Flat and wide. It has the best noodles among the lot–soft yet firm and slides down the throat smoothly.
MSG Content: No English, no idea.

Rating: 3.5 •••

jjamppong-copy5.       Lucky Me Supreme Jjamppong
Price: P17.75
Made in: Philippines

Packaging Power: It has a maze game to entertain you while waiting for it to cook. The food picture looks yummy with the stylized squid, tahong and veggies but the people illustrations are not pleasing to look at.
Ease of Preparation: Easy to prepare with a bonus fork included!
Minutes to Cook: Three
Net Weight & Quantity: 35 grams; small cup but it's quite filling
Soupy or Dry: Soupy
Smell: Sharp smell of mixed seafood
Toppings: A lot of vegetable tidbits but almost none of the seafood seen in the photo
Flavor: Very flavorful and hot! Keep a tall glass of an ice cold drink at the ready because this one's seriously spicy!
Noodle Type: Ordinary curly noodles
MSG Content: There's no sodium percentage on the nutritional "chart" but on the ingredients list it has salt, MSG and seafood flavor. Should we worry?
Rating: 4 ••••


ottogi-copy6.       Ottogi Bekse Curry Myon
Price: P51.00
Made in: Korea

Packaging Power: The gold tinge is kind of bland and the picture looks like ordinary noodles with the usual toppings
Ease of Preparation: Picture instructions are helpful even without the English words. The seasoning packet is easy to open.
Minutes to Cook: Three
Net Weight & Quantity: On the cover it says 950 something; Thy cupeth overfloweth! Plenty of noodles and toppings!
Soupy or Dry: Dry
Smell: Curry
Toppings: Loaded with chunks of white stuff, onions, herbs and broccoli bits!
Flavor: Savory curry. It's very delicious but after a few mouthfuls, the flavor starts to over power the taste buds.
Noodle Type: Ordinary curly noodles
MSG Content: If you're seriously wondering, ask a Korean wandering around. They're not hard to spot.
Rating: 4 ••••

* Reviewer is Filipino and does not read nor speak Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

Images taken by Lana Chan.

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