Top 10 Specialty Paellas

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( No food exemplifies the feisty, romantic and vibrant character of Spanish culture more than the world-renowned (and revered) paella.  Rich, hearty and al dente kernels of rice slowly simmered in a robust and aromatic broth, lovingly stirred until every flavor and spice is infused, and punctuated with the finest seafood, meats and vegetables available-creating a delicious and beautiful dish that is best enjoyed with loved ones.  Whichever school of paella cookery you come from-from light and fluffy to thick and creamy, the key to really good paella lies in a few key factors: the rice should always be taut, never mushy; a refined balance in flavors; with toppings of only the best ingredients; and, for the die-hard fan, a good dose of socarrat, which is that slightly-burned bottom part that is crisp and extra-yummy.

From a food culture with distinctly-Spanish roots (among many other influences), it is no surprise that many have tried to master this festive dish in the metro.  Some have succeeded, while many others have had to accept defeat.  This particular list gives credit to those who have decided to offer more than the classic Valenciana and Negra (which, I believe, deserve their own top ten lists) by formulating new and exciting specialty paellas-and excelled.  A home cook, a couple of small-scale entrepreneurs, and some of Manila's biggest names in Spanish cuisine comprise this list.


Photos by Chinkee Clemente-Koppe and from (La Tienda paella)

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