Mixing It Up: Weirdly Delicious Food Combos

Some SPOT.ph suggestions for curing gastronomic boredom

(SPOT.ph) We Pinoys, we're very innovative and our tummies and tastebuds are a proof of that. We've managed to eat everything with rice, including pancit (No carb diet? Ha!), green mango with bagoong, and coffee. We've put the vital organs of chicken and pig on a stick and that doesn't sound appetizing but hot damn, they are delicious. We made a burger with the cheese on top of the bun! It's a science we've nearly perfected and we're going to give you the skinny on some more of the less conventional eats you can try to make your gut go "oooh."


We're pretty sure there are unlikelier food pairings out there (pizza topped with ube ice cream, anyone?). Suggest your own weird or unusual combos in the comments!


Cold Green Apples Soaked in Milk


An easy to do dessert... or just a regular snack. Slice some green apples and put them in a bowl with a lid. Pour milk over it but don't drown the pieces. Let it chill.



"The faint sour flavor of the apple is complimented by the dairy base" would be something that an expert foodie might say but it's just a curious mix that produces something delicious to us.



Ice Cream Sandwich ala Pobre: Pan de Manila and Selecta Ice Cream

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Getting a little bored with Pan de Coco? How about trying Pan de Sorbetes? Grab a spoonful of Selecta chocolate ice cream and slap it on the classic pan de sal from Pan de Manila.


What makes it so good? Biting into the warm salty flavor of the bread, followed by a cold creamy filling will leave your mouth absolutely satisfied. What makes it even better? There's a copious amount of ice cream flavors out there. Go nuts.


Pineapples Dipped in Fish Sauce with Sugar



Pineapples are a weird fruit on their own. How they manage to be sweet and sour at the same time is a mystery (to those who don't have Internet or a science book). And when you're weird, additional weird can't hurt. In fact, dipping pineapples in patis with a bit of sugar makes for a quirky tasting snack.


For the less adventurous, you can go for the more conventional pineapple with a dash of salt but there’s something about the way the pineapple absorbs the saltiness of the patis and the hint of sugar that leaves a curious taste in your mouth.


A Bag of Potato Chips and a Bottle of Ketchup



A creative way to beat a lazy movie Sunday afternoon, when there's nothing to eat but you have to munch on something and that something needs to be good.


Open up a bag of potato chips, something cheese flavored for starters. Bring out a saucer of ketchup, pop in a movie and enjoy. It's like nachos, but not really. It's like French fries, but even less classy. It's ok, you're at home and no one can judge you. It's crispy and cheesy and dunked in ketchup. Dig right in.



Peanut Butter and Mayonnaise Sandwich



Don’t be daunted. Or disgusted. This combination might sound unholy but the key to this is proportion. On one loaf of bread, slap on a regular amount of peanut butter. On another, smear a thin layer of mayo. Combine. Peanut butter tends to have an overpowering taste and the soury hint of mayo breaks the monotony of the taste.


As an additional historical fact, this was recommended in the book Peanuts: The Illustrious History of the Goober Pea as a snack from 1896. So we’re not really freaks. We might be hipsters though.


White Pesto at Brooklyn Pizza and Uncle Moe's Garlic Sauce


Tip: Next time you find yourself at City Gulp-Golf! City Golf, we suggest you head down to Brooklyn Pizza and order a slice (or half a box, or a whole box for that matter) of White Pesto Pizza. Then ask the kind staff to deliver your pie two doors down to Uncle Moe’s Shawarma Hub. Don’t worry: these two establishments are friendly to each other and allow cross-orders. At Uncle Moe’s, ordering just about anything from the menu (which is solid, so you can order anything and not waste money) will have the awesome staff set down on your table a bottle of their white garlic sauce, and another bottle of the pink-ish spicier variety. When the pizza arrives, drizzle the white sauce and then depending on how spicy you want your pizza to be, the pinkish one.

The garlic sauce gives the white pesto pizza a bolder taste and the spicy sauce, a nice kick to the whole shebang. Order beer and you’re set for the evening.

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