Roadtests...Monde Coco Bites Cookies

We chomped on these tiny treats.

( Walking randomly through previously unexplored supermarket aisles is always a fun activity to squeeze into a day full of errands-there's usually a simple kind of thrill that comes with discovering something new. This week's fun find: Monde's Coco Bites Cookies, which stood out because, well, we thought the cookies pictured on the package actually looked like chicken nuggets. How could that not get us curious?


Photo on the right has been enlarged to show texture


Price and availability: P6.25 for 33 grams, at supermarkets


Best for: Office coffee breaks or between-class snacking with the barkada. They're bite-sized, so sneaking a few during a marathon lecture might help revive the brain cells, too (but you didn't hear that from us).


Best with: Coffee. Whether you like your cup of joe black or creamy, these would go well with that shot of caffeine. The crunchiness of the cookies can also withstand a few good dunks in an ice-cold glass of milk, or go for broke and have them with vanilla ice cream.



Tastes like: Coconut, actually. The toasted kind that makes you think of long afternoons on the beach with nothing to do but sit in the sun and watch the waves.


Manage your expectations: The package promised "real coconut bits," but we didn't really find any.


Yay or nay: Yay. They got the coconut flavor just right, and this is the kind of snack that would tide you over till the next meal. Or the next beach vacation.

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