Thank you, Lent: 10 Meat-Free Fastfood Favorites

A few things to be happy about during Lent!



( With the practically-requisite fasting and no-meat-Fridays, which culminates in an almost-country-wide shut down come Holy Week, there’s not much to look forward to during Lent. But, we’re told to look at the bright side of things. So voila, we found the one thing that gets us excited for the season of repentance:




Right? Who doesn’t miss Jollibee’s Tuna Pie when it’s not Lent? Who doesn’t love Lent for the Tuna Pie? It’s sweet and savory and creamy all at the same time. This got us eating, and then thinking, and then looking...and then remembering what all the religious people say: seek and ye shall find! So we looked for more Lenten offerings. Below are the goodies we found:


From the makers of the tuna pie comes this favorite Pinoy viand. Jollibee’s Garlic Bangus is at P79; shell out P10 more and you’ve got yourself a drink.



Along with Brothers Burger’s newly released Red Bun Burger is its Fish and Chips. Creamy Dory served with dill and or cilantro dip. Sounds like a good lunch option at P195.


Not to be missed is Burger King’s Fish ’n Crisp Doubles Sandwich made of two fillets of fish and a nice dill sauce in their sesame bun. Available only this Lent. Shell out P165 for a doubles meal.



Wendy’s decided to make a fish fillet bonanza with all their Lenten menu items: a sandwich, with rice, or as fish and chips.



BonChon is another brand that makes the most of the meat-free season. Check out the BonChon Seafood Platter (P395), which looks like a party in itself, and the P125- Crispy Shrimp rice!



The Burger Project’s burger of the month is right up the Catholics’ alley: The Healthy Shrimpy Brgr is now available in all Burger Project branches (Maginhawa, Taft, Jupiter) for just P235. Get a shrimp patty, asparagus, alfalfa sprouts, tomato, and pineapple slices between two potato buns. Penance, sacrifice, and diet never sounded this loaded.


Pizza Hut put together their Lenten specials-from salads to pasta to pizza and even iced tea-to make the practice of sacrifice just a little bit easier. We like that the dishes are all quite affordable.




Manang’s, meanwhile, offers flavors that the others seem to have overlooked: so far, none of the above have sweet and sour and honey mustard offerings, making Manang’s offerings quite unique.



Shakey’s isn’t branding their Shrimp Poppers as a Lenten offering but they were launched just this month. A basket of fried shrimp and fries for P379 sounds like a solid plan for Friday night at the movies.

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