CHECK IT OUT: The Kabukicho Dive Bar by Manila Pop Up x Yabu

Manila Pop Up gets set to jolt Manila’s events scene!

( Remember the movie Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist? How there was this secret event that all the kids wanted to be in on? They were kept on their toes, waiting for the next SMS update and/or clue, and then rushing to get to the venue as soon as an update/clue is dropped? Well, think of a Manila Pop Up event as that: a sporadic stunt that, whether intentional or not, jolts the Manila eventscape out of the usual and already expected.

The men behind Manila Pop Up: Deejae Paeste, Erwan Heussaff, and Mike Concepcion


Last Friday-April 12, a payday Friday, note-Manila Pop Up pulled another one, their third, they say, over at Yabu SM Southmall. The event is called Kabukicho Dive Bar, and while the main aim is to celebrate Yabu's third and newest branch, Manila Pop Up, brand architects that they are, also took the chance to showcase other facets of Japanese culture. Yabu, after all, serves Japanese food.


There was live painting.

There was live music care of Yolanda Moon.

But who are we kidding? This being Yabu, the main draw remains to be the food.

The appetizer bento, above, came complete with Wakame Salad, Salmon Tartare, Vegetable Crudities with Edamame Dip, and Soft Shell Crab Maki.

The Katsu slider is deceptively small. You may easily dismiss this as nothing but man does it pack a punch. It comes in three choices: pork, chicken, or shrimp, and is served with nicely shredded potato strings.


But it was the Kishu Menchi Katsu that took home the prize that night. What looks like a regular corndog is actually ground meat with cheese in the middle. It's very tasty and very moist, and as we took another bite, decided it's very good. We wish Yabu would serve this on a regular basis.


Considering it was a payday Friday, it was pretty surprising how many people braved the traffic to get to this pop up event. We’re thinking, perhaps Manila really is looking for new ways to amuse itself.


It’s not really surprising as one of the organizers is her boyfriend, but even Anne Curtis was there:


This we couldn’t help: We awwed ourselves silly seeing them hug. "Job well done, baby," we think this hug says:


"So what’s your next event?" We ask Manila Pop Up. "Follow us on social media," the three men smiled mysteriously. It is a Nick and Norah sort of thing, we remind ourselves as we went looking for them on Twitter.

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