CHECK IT OUT: Levanté Food Market at Eastwood City Walk 2

Foodies of the east, celebrate! Meet Levanté, your new Friday night amigo

Eastwood City Walk 2, Libis, Quezon City
Open from 6 p.m. to 3 a.m. (Thursday to Saturday)

( The year is 2013 and by now, most of us have acquired skills to survive food markets. Some have surprassed expectations and acquired advanced capabilities like eating steak while standing. Those who haven’t reached that level now know at the very least that we shouldn’t feel tempted to eat everything since greed leads to uncomfortable food comas. And, the fun thing about these food markets is they’re pretty reliable, so there’s no rush to stuff yourself since there’s always next Friday. It takes less effort to decide where to chow while waiting for the Friday evening rush to pass. The folks at BGC have Mercato to look forward to at the end of the week while the Northerners have Mezza Norte and now, the Libis area has Levanté (read: le-van-tey,which means east en Español).



Friday food rush at Eastwood with Levanté


Unlike the U-shaped Mercato and Mezza Norte, Levanté flows as a single strip of  30 food vendors that foodies can traverse from end-to-end, and we like how the walk feels more manageable this way. You’ll find favorites like Carlo’s Kitchen to your left and Schmidt’s Gourmet Hotdogs to your right but we don’t need to coach you, right? You know that it’s better to look at everything else first.


Oh, Schmidt. We have to stop meating like this.


There are three newer vendors in Levanté that you may want to check out before you give in to the urge to get bite-sized tacos from FMT Tacklings. First on the list is the carefully disguised Cheat Day (we know it’s you Big Bob), ready to serve you the Cheat Day Special Burger. That’s a one-third pound beef patty stuffed with mozzarella cheese topped with bacon for P180. Despite the fact that the burgers can fit in your hand easily, it’ll weigh you down because beef is beef. But hey, it’s Friday. It’s the best day to cheat.

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Too bad photos don’t capture scent. You’d be drooling more profusely.


If beef and bacon don’t excite you but you want some greasy goodness, right next to Cheat Day is Maria’s Ilocos Empanada. The empanadas costs P70 a piece and these guys have been serving this famous local treat in Regalado up north in Fairview for about five years now. Take advantage of the more convenient proximity to see what all the fuss is about.



Eggs are just the cutest in photos. Oh, and the empanadas are delicious.


There’s also the fairly fresh Eat My GF, serving the GFs (Garlic Fries) with gusto. They’re known for cheeky names like Virgin Chips (P80), All the Way (P169), and Nacho Papa (P99) but what makes these GFs a catch is its crispy saltiness, so dig in and savor them.


Yes to eating GFs!


Of course, we were happy to see Edgy’s Foodtrip within the ranks, ever so generous with their servings of Baby Back Ribs (with rice, P120) and Garlic Chicken (with Tinapa Rice, P100).




The first night out at Levanté felt instantly familiar and we’re sure it’ll be a runaway hit. The turnout was pretty good, with people flocking to Sinangag Trip, Gilipita, and Mexicanto Co. It even attracted this cute little customer.


This lovely creature was impeccably dressed for the event!

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