New Restaurant Alert: Shawarma Guys at the Fort Strip, Bonifacio Global City

At this no-frills new shawarma restaurant in Bonifacio Global City, get your Mediterranean fix on the cheap

Shawarma Guys
G/F, Fort Pointe Building, Fort Strip, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
Tel. No. 966-8838
Open daily from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., and 5 p.m. to 4 a.m.

These guys know their shawarma stuff.


( Few things hit the beer buzz spot better than a plateful of basmati rice and a nicely flamed-over kebab. Drown it in a pool of hot sauce and sour cream, then dig in-aaaah, that's the stuff post-gimik meals are made of. After a hard night's work of guzzling alcohol, you surely deserve no less.


If you've got a steady gimik place in BGC, good news, then: a laidback kebab fix is only a tumble or two away. No more need to get into the car and drive to out-of-the-way late-night places in, say, West Avenue. We look forward to rolling our obviously drunk friends down the street and into the doorway of Shawarma Guys, and jumpstart their recovery with an order of Beef Kebab (P190).



Beef Kebab


Served with buttered rice and half of a grilled tomato, we mixed it all up and added the house sauce. It hit all the right notes for the perfect post-night-out meal: juicy meat and lots of rice, all spiced up with the sharp tang of hot sauce. If you don't like cow, the kebab comes in a ton of variants: chicken (P170), beef tenderloin (P270), lamb (P250), and the house specialty called the Blackbenny Platter (P470), a mix of beef, beef tenderloin, lamb, and chicken that's named after Chef Benjo Tuason.


Garlic Ox Brain

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If the kebab sounds a bit too filling for you, try their Garlic Ox Brain (P130). The buttery meat is gentle and unobtrusive on the palate, with a lightly salted flavor-drizzle lemon juice over it, and it verges on blissful.


Pita Bread with Hummus (P130, top right) and Babba Ghanoush (top left)


If you're really looking to go light, go for a Pita Bread (P20) and Babba Ghanoush (P100) combo. The intensely flavorful eggplant mix is served with a lake of thick oil in the middle-heart attack-inducing, sure, but undeniably tasty. We wiped the plate clean with an extra order of pita bread.


The Sisig Shawarma is spilling over with goodness



But enough about the supporting actors: How is the shawarma of Shawarma Guys? For our answer, we give you the Sisig Shawarma (P140)-crispy pork heaven wrapped in pita bread and served with a light dash of sour cream sauce. The pig skin is fried just right, and each bite is accompanied by a satisfyingly meaty crunch. We feel that sisig is a misnomer; the meat is more in the style of crispy pata or bagnet. Whatever it is, it's not just a one-off novelty. Even if you're not a shawarma fan, this is a must-try for any meat lover.


Part of the appeal of Shawarma Guys is their crazy shawarma mixes. During election season, they asked patrons to choose from a line of truly bizarre shawarmas-including lamb sisig shawarma, arroz ala cubana shawarma, Vigan longganisa shawarma, and grilled fish brioche shawarma-that we, sadly, were not able to try. But we are looking forward to digging into their "Shawarma of the Month" flavors.


"We made a chicken skin shawarma," says Chef Tuason, when we grilled him about the wackiest mixes he's cooked up. "Actually, that was really good, pero, baka ma-high blood, so we decided not to come out with it." What!? For the love of all that is delicious and bad for our health, make this an official menu item! Please.

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