Roadtest: Weird Flavors of Chips and Curls

Creative, unusual, weird, strange...we tried them all.

( If someone had the ability to put the flavor of love on a snack, people would probably end up staring at it, wondering if that’s all there is to it. It’s human nature. For others, the taste of love is can already be found in the simple salted potato chip but there are those still looking for their perfect match.


If you’ve grown weary of salt, ketchup, vinegar, sour cream (and onion), barbecue, or even the once strange pizza-flavored chips, here are 10 snacks that might bring the passionate fire back in your belly...or send you retching in the bathroom. Both sound good on a boring day, yes?



Regent’s Ikasen Squid Flavored Snack


Price: P13.50 / 60g

Yay, nay, or meh? Meh. It’s not squidy enough for those who like squid and it’s too squidy for those who don’t.

Thoughts from the testers:

  • "That scent makes me cower in fear."
  • "If you can get past the nasty smell, it’s pretty okay."
  • "I give it points for mildly tasting like squid."



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Herr’s Buffalo Blue Cheese Curls

Price: P118.45 / 198.5g

Yay, nay, or meh? Nay. Tastes like any other cheese curl, with a heavier aftertaste.

Thoughts from the testers:

  • "It tastes like air, it needs sauce."
  • "I think it tastes exactly like sauce, without meat."
  • "It’s like eating the ghost of chicken, coated in some mystery sauce. Spooky."




Jack and Jill’s Chicharron ni Mang Juan: Spicy Sisig

Price: P14.95 / 90g

Yay, nay, or meh? Meh. It’s spicy.

Thoughts from the testers:

  • "They got the spicy part right. The sisig, not so much."
  • "It doesn’t really taste like anything. Just crispy."
  • "Masarap naman ah. Hindi lang lasang sisig."



Oishi’s Marty’s Cracklin’ Chicken Inasal Flavor

Price: P16 / 90g

Yay, nay, or meh? Yay. We won’t compare it to biting into a piece of inasal chicken but the taste is there.

Thoughts from the testers:

  • "Seems promising, it smells like inasal."
  • "I like the smokey flavor."
  • "Hey, this isn’t bad at all."




Regent’s Teriyaki Chicken Flavored Crackers

Price: P4.75 / 30g

Yay, nay, or meh? Nay. Someone got confused with the packaging design because this is neither "Teriyaki" nor "chicken."

Thoughts from the testers:

  • "Why is it sweet?"
  • "I don’t think they know what teriyaki is."
  • "What is this?"



Regent’s Shanghai Chow Mein Noodle Snack 

Price: P4.75 / 30g

Yay, nay, or meh? Nay. Don’t try this at home. Or any other place.

Thoughts from the testers:

  • "This is shredded cardboard at its finest."
  • "This is good when you’re already drunk-no guilty feelings if you throw up."
  • "At least it’s cheap."



Jack and Jill’s Shake and Roll Unagi Kabayaki Flavored Potato Chips

Price: P36 / 52.5g

Yay, nay, or meh? Yay. We’re not sure why they had to separate the powder and the chips but the extra hassle of shaking the two things together aside, it’s pretty yummy.

Thoughts from the testers:

  • "This is good!"
  • "It’s like barbecued chips. Not bad at all."
  • "But where is the eel?"



Greenday’s Jackfruit Chips

Price: P76.50 / 40g

Yay, nay, or meh? Nay. It’s like eating a turon without the banana. Or for that matter, the langka.

Thoughts from the testers:

  • "I actually like this!"
  • "This doesn’t taste right."
  • "The joy just left my mouth."




Regent’s Sushi Snack Bars

Price: P35.50 / 4g x 30 pcs

Yay, nay, or meh? All three, depends on what you grab. This is pretty fun!

Thoughts from the testers:

  • "It’s pretty helpful that they put pictures on the packaging so you know what it is...or what it’s supposed to be."
  • "I like that there’s an actual difference in taste."
  • "Look at all that powder."


Oishi’s Gourmet Picks Kimchi Flavored Potato Chips

Price: P19 / 30g

Yay, nay, or meh? Yay! Pickled vegetable chips!

Thoughts from the testers:

  • "I love these. They’re surprisingly good."
  • "I don’t like real kimchi but this is tolerable."
  • "Yummy!"
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