This Week’s Best Food Photos by Readers

We're loving the snapshots we're seeing from your #SpotMyFood posts!


( We asked our readers to share with us their food discoveries over social media and what we saw was good! Scrumptious might be a better term, in fact. This week’s roundup includes duck tongues (trust us, they’re good), stuffed chicken, shepherd’s pie, and more! Don’t forget to hashtag #spotmyfood to share your exciting yummy finds.



1. We just lost it when we saw the bacon, @cheffymitchyu. We’re going to go get our own Champs now.



2. @angelineco and her perfect sashimi.



3. K-Zone editor-in-chief @MaggieAdan shows us a comfort favorite with a twist from Green Pastures.



4. As clearly shown by @jc_devera, only beef can make tofu look so good.



5. @jeeencruz, this burrito makes an appearance on our Top 10 Burritos list.




6. We love how you lent your mom a helping hand, @carinacastle!



7. @annadominiquee reminds us that Valentine’s is just around the corner.



8. Duck tongue is a Chinese delicacy. We hope you bring us back some, @ infinitygrace8!



9. @foodphotogramer shares her food styling skills on Instagram-and we’re just happy to partake in her talents.



10. Two thumbs up for a home-cooked meal, @rickapaprika.

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