New on the Menu: Krazy Garlik's 14 New Dishes

The Bistro restaurant presents new ways to enjoy garlic.

Krazy Garlik
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( More garlic recipes have made their way to Krazy Garlik. Yes, more. This restaurant is once again showing that the versatility of garlic knows no bounds. The Bistro Group’s franchise, known for its international garlic-infused dishes, introduces 14 new signature dishes, each highlighting that delightfully savory and bitter spice.



Creamy Garlik Hummus


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Roasted Tomato Salad


The light Creamy Garlik Hummus (P295) has a slight hint of garlic to tease the palate. The combination of chickpeas and sesame paste melts as you spread it on the warm, soft tortilla and freshly baked sourdough bread. For greens, the Roasted Tomato Salad (P495) complements the lightness of mesclun greens and cashew nuts with the richness of feta cheese, a tanginess from roasted tomatoes, and just a hint of sweetness from dried figs. The whole plate is drizzled with a sharp garlic vinaigrette dressing and topped with black olives and croutons.



BBQ Riblets


Garlik Oxtail and Chorizo Paella


The BBQ Riblets (P495)-wrapped in sweet and pungent barbeque sauce and served with a side of garlic marble potatoes-are tender enough to make chewing almost needless. The Garlik Oxtail and Chorizo Paella(P495) is a busy medley of rice, imported oxtail, and Spanish chorizo-all enhanced with the flavors of red bell peppers, black olives, and roasted garlic. For pasta, the Seafood Spaghetti (P425) is recommended for its impeccable balance. The clean and fresh taste of sautéed shrimp and mussels contrasts with the strong and smoky hints of roasted bell peppers.



Krazy Mess


Affogato Trifle


Garlic drinks


Krazy Garlik has always challenged diners with its garlic-infused desserts like their garlic-crowned crème brulee  and garlic crepes. Now, they have garlic-tinged fruit drinks (P150) as well as two new desserts. The Krazy Mess (P295) is both sweet and tart with layers of frozen raspberry, Nata de Coco, homemade meringue, whipped cream, and strawberry ice cream drowning out the spice. The Affogato Trifle (P295), on the other hand, is more bittersweet, combining coffee jelly, meringue, whipped cream, vanilla, and a hot espresso shot.



Though a garlic craze seems far off, Krazy Garlik's persistent creativity might just be a jumping off point to start a garlicky revolution.

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