New on the Menu: Four Premium Coffee Flavors Exclusively on Starbucks Reserve

Get it while it’s hot...and available. Check out these limited edition pour-over coffee variants by Starbucks Reserve.

Starbucks Reserve
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( Before you order that Macchiato, consider the Zambia Peaberry (P160/tall). Not too bold and not too acidic, the beans used to brew this cup grow 4,000 feet above sea level at the Terranova Estate, which, unfortunately shut down recently. Starbucks initially planned on featuring exotic, rare, and exquisite coffee but this South African brew took it to the next level by adding "extinct" to the mix.

Starbucks Reserve arrived on Philippine shores in May 2014, bearing the gift of ephemeral delights with four distinct beans in limited quantities. The picker upper powerhouse is turning its attention to small-scale farming industries to give its maturing market flavors to savor until the last, precious drop. The Zambia Peaberry’s finity is not an exaggeration. The farm is indeed closed and if you want to taste a mild roast laced with a hint of sweetness, now's the right time to do it.


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Sumatra Blue Batak is best paired with Reserve’s Black Pepper and Cheese Scones (P90/pc)


An earthier flavor is locked in the beans of Sumatra Blue Batak (P130/tall; P595/250g bag). This Indonesian blend is full-bodied with lower acidity and an aroma that scares away sugar and other sweeteners. It smells stronger than it tastes though, and the flavor is soothing and vaguely reminiscent of herbs. The Batak tribe members sow spices alongside the coffee plants and the shrubs make good use of the proximity, producing a heavy but smooth taste.


Finca Nuevo Mexico is best paired with Reserve’s Double Chocolate Muffins (P95/pc)


The Finca Nuevo Mexico (P150/tall; P595/250g bag) has a dark chocolate aftertaste that’s not too difficult to warm up to. It's unfortunate, since supplies are limited, but the high acidity of this blend is an efficient guard against an all-out caffeine binge.

Yirgacheffe is best paired with Reserve’s Blueberry Scones (P90/pc)

Don't be intimidated by the extra letters in Yirgacheffe. The Sun-Dried Ethiopia Yirgacheffe (P150/tall; P795/250g bag) smells like a basket of strawberries and tastes just as fruity. The familiar burst of berries in each sip makes this the obvious bestseller. One of the most potent beans out there, it’s produced in a town called Irgachefe.



Reserve’s Granola Cheese Muffin pairs well with life in general (P95)


With each hand drip coffee cup, Starbucks joins the pour-over party and returns to handcrafted basics. The regular blends that tame the harsh bite of coffee are still available, but with people becoming more discerning about this staple morning buddy, these "exotic, rare, and exquisite" flavors offer budding connoisseurs a chance to test themselves.


Starbucks Reserve products are currently available at Starbucks Tomas Morato and 8 Forbes Town. Starbucks Keyland Center, Central Square, and Signa in Makati will offer Reserve products soon.

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