This Week’s Best Food Photos by Readers

We're loving the snapshots we're seeing from your #SpotMyFood posts!


( We asked our readers to share with us their food discoveries over social media and what we saw was good! Scrumptious might be a better term, in fact. In this week’s roundup: a tower of waffles, a nameless mushroom dish, soul food noodles, a pretzel crown, and more. Don’t forget to hashtag #spotmyfood to share your exciting yummy finds.



1. It touches our souls, too.



2. A beautiful mess



3. No one said having pizza for brunch was bad.



4. A picture says a thousand words. There’s no need for words.



5. Our dream breakfast.




6. Yes.



7. We wish that too. Well, more of the food than the dishware.



8. Nothing like a pretzel crown to end things.



9. OMG indeed.



10. And once again, @thephotogfoodie shows us how it’s done.

Tell us your #feels!

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