10 New Supermarket Snacks We Love

New treats to munch on!


(SPOT.ph) When you’re walking along the snack aisle at the supermarket, you almost always probably make a beeline for your go-to bag of junk food. It’s like tunnel vision. You can’t help it. The next time you’re looking for something to snack on, we challenge you to try something different. There are some new sweet and savory goodies on the supermarket shelf that we think are worth trying out.



1. Granny Goose Pop ’n Chips (P11.45)

They’re popped-not fried-corn chips. The texture is a little unusual (crispy on the outside, chewy on the inside, kind of like a flat popcorn) and the lumps on the chips may put you off, but the jalapeño and cheese flavor is a mild and pretty addictive treat.



2. Oishi WheatNiks (P4.75)

The vanilla cream flavor (there’s mocha too) reminds us of childhood Haw Haw candy, but in cookie form. We all know how addicting Haw Haw is, so this is a nice alternative for those of us who don’t want to relive the cavities from our childhood.




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3. Oishi Veggie Reggie (P7.50)

We just can't get enough of this malunggay-potato combo. It comes in original and barbecue flavous. And while malunggay in your potato chip may seem odd, trust us when we say you'll fall in love with these crisps at first bite like we did.




4. Yakult Light (P7/bottle)

It looks like the Yakult you love and know and it even tastes the same, but Yakult Light has 30% less calories and sugar. Add to that the same benefits you get from Yakult and this is one healthy little drink.


5. Chacho’s Tortilla Chips  (P35.50)

For those who want a real rush of heat, try opening a bag of Chacho’s Red Curry tortilla chips. They’re light, crispy, made from 100% stone ground masa flour and pack lots of flavor and fire.


6. Oreo Prime Berry Crème and Oreo Action Fruit Crème (P38.75/pack)

Twist, lick, and dunk with these new and unique flavors from Oreo that you'll surely love: blueberry ice cream and tangy orange. Make sure to catch them while they last because they're out in stores for a limited time only.



7. Boy Bawang Golden Sweet Corn (P5.75)

Maybe Boy Bawang’s affected by the garlic price hike? It’s been chicheria staple since it first came out and sweet corn has always been a favorite merienda. Combine the two and you've got this snack masterpiece.





8. Terra Exotic Vegetable Chips Mediterranean (P50.25)

It's a bit pricey, but if you're craving a snack that won't make you feel too guilty, this is something you have to try. You can't go wrong with a serving (or five) of vegetable-infused organic crisps.




9. Dutch Mill Superfruits (P28.50)

Yogurt drinks deserve our love. They're not only tasty and great for break time, but also good for your tummy. Dutch Mill packs on the punch with four times the berry goodness-strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, and goji berry-in one super drink.




10. Monde CocoBites (P6.25)

We can’t find the coconut bits that the package promises, but these crunchy cookies have that sweet, toasted coconut flavor that would go well with a hot cup of coffee.

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