This Week’s Best Food Photos by Readers

We're loving the snapshots we're seeing from your #SpotMyFood posts!


( We asked our readers to share with us their food discoveries over social media and what we saw was good! Scrumptious might be a better term, in fact. In this week’s roundup: a mouthwatering volcano, more bacon, veggies that look good, cookie shots, and more! Don’t forget to hashtag #spotmyfood to share your exciting yummy finds.



1. It looks like a mighty delicious volcano.



2. Who are we kidding? We can’t quit bacon!



3. This looks good, but we need about three servings, we think.



4. And another attempt at Dominique Ansel’s cookie shots!



5. A picture of prettiness...



6. We are indeed very, very grateful.



7. The best cheesecake is the spoonable kind.



8. Wait till you try his actual chicken inasal!



9. From Bacolod to Ilocos...



10. And after that heart-attack inducing pork skin-to our health!

Tell us your #feels!

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