25 Things to Eat Before the End of 2014

A review of our favorite top-ranked dishes this year.


(SPOT.ph) The year in food turned out to be years, and we’re only happy to be on the receiving end of it. The search for the best dish-be it chicken or cake or ice cream-continues like a never-ending quest for the unlimited appetite. But with the ever-growing list of restaurants to try, the search can get tedious. We at SPOT.ph like to help out by filtering the best of the best with our Top 10 lists. This year, we updated old hits, dabbled in new trends, and gorged on good ol’ comfort food, and ranked them to the best of our gustatory abilities.


Find the best of your favorite food below.




Best Onion Rings: Racks’ Onion Brick

If we could have anything deep-fried, it would be onion rings. Read more about the Top 10 Onion Rings in Manila.



Best Gyoza: Osaka Ohsho’s Original Gyoza

We listed the 10 best potstickers to sink your teeth into. Read more about the Top 10 Gyoza in Manila.



Best Truffle Fries: CAV’s Truffle Fries

The best fries to try when you’re craving something extra special. Read more about the Top 10 Truffle Fries in Manila.



Best Hot Wings: Frankie’s New York Buffalo Wings

These choice wings will set you flying with their bewildering, diverse flavors. Read more about the Top 10 Hot Wings in Manila (2014 Edition).



Best Black-As-Night Dish: Your Local’s Fried Egg and Bacon Jam Sandwich

Get into the Halloween mood with these darkly delicious dishes. Read more about the Top 10 Black-As-Night Dishes You Should Try in Manila.



Best Potato Dish: Va Bene Pasta Deli’s Gnocchi a la Michele

This is a no-fries list of the best taters in Manila. Read more about the Top 10 Potato Dishes that are Worth the Carbs.



Best Carbonara: 2nd’s Good Morning Carbonara

If you must have restaurant-served carbonara, these 10 dishes are your best bet. Read more about the Top 10 Carbonara Dishes in Manila.




Best Pancakes: Mamou’s Pol’s Pancakes

With the sudden boom of "breakfast" places, it was high time to rediscover the city’s best flapjacks. Read more about the Top 10 Pancakes (2014 Edition).



Best Fish Tacos: El Chupacabra

Which taco is muy delicioso? Read more about the Top 10 Fish Tacos in Manila.



Best Crispy Pata: Livestock

This Filipino tradition is easy to consume, but difficult to master. Read more about the Top 10 Crispy Pata in Manila.



Best South-Style Fried Chicken: The Girl + The Bull’s Buttermilk Fried Chicken

Crispy, juicy, everything you ever looked for in fried chicken. Read more about the Top 10 Southern-Style Fried Chicken.



Best Steak Under P500: Tender Bob’s Porterhouse

The best budget-friendly steaks in Manila. Read more about the Top 10 Steaks Under P500.



Best Cheeseburger Under P200: Burgers and Brewskies’ Neat Burger

A burger is always better with a layer of cheese and an affordable price tag. Read more about the Top 10 Cheeseburgers Under P200.


Best Grilled Cheese Sandwich: Borough’s Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup

They may or may not come with tomato soup, but you know that’s the best pairing. Read more about the Top 10 Grilled Cheese Sandwiches in Manila.



Best Sandwich You’ll Want to Have Right Now: L.E.S. Bagels’ L.E.S. Addiction

The best of this handheld food in Manila. Read more about the Top 10 Sandwiches You’ll Want to Have Right Now.



Best Reinvented Filipino Kakanin: Chef Tatung’s Pichi-Pichi with Queso de Bola

Celebrate Filipino culture with updated versions of local treats. Read more about the Top 10 Reinvented Filipino Desserts and Kakanin.



Best Apple Pie: Pie Zar’s Traditional Apple Pie

Which one tastes most like home? Read more about the Top 10 Apple Pies in Manila (2014 Edition).



Best Egg Tart: Lord Stow’s


Did you know that there are more than 10 places to get these custard-y tarts in the city? Read more about the Top 10 Egg Tarts.



Best Halo-halo: Kabigting’s

Only a tall glass of Pinoy shaved ice can make summer feel like summer. Read more about the Top 10 Halo-halo in Manila (2014 Edition).



Best Tiramisu: Espressamente’s Tiramisu Cake

This Italian dessert is rich, sinful, and rewarding. Read more about the Top 10 Tiramisu in Manila.



Best Chocolate Donut: Scarsdale’s Best Chocolate Donut in Town

Who needs Cronuts when you have the marriage of chocolate and donuts? Read more about the Top 10 Chocolate Donuts in Manila.



Best Chocolate Cake: Wildflour’s Salted Chocolate Cake

Make your mouths water with chocolate. Read more about the Top 10 Chocolate Cakes in Manila (2014 Edition).



Best Chocolate Lava Cake: Cirkulo’s Warm Dark Chocolate Truffle Cake with Liquid Center

They’re like chocolate cakes, but better. Read more about the Top 10 Chocolate Lava Cakes.



Best Brownie: Xocolat’ s Original Sin Brownie

The best of these thick chocolate cakes. Read more about the Top 10 Brownies.



Best Local Craft Beer: Fat Pauly’s Iligan Single Hop Origin Pale Ale

The best brews for your drinking pleasure. Read more about the Top 10 Must-try Local Craft Beers in Manila.

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