150 Must-try Dishes of 2014

We take a look back at the trends and classics that you should have tried this year.


(SPOT.ph) Wade through Metro Manila’s stunning selection of restaurants. We encapsulated that vastness into a list of lists that will serve as your gastronomic map of the city’s greatest eats. You better take down notes and have your Instagram accounts ready because you’ll be wanting to try most of these before the 2015 cycle begins!



Your Spicy Food Bucket List: 10 Hot Things You Should Eat in Manila

Sweat it out with these fiery dishes that range from mild to wild.



10 Heart-Stopping Bone Marrow Dishes to Put on Your Bucket List

Bulalo dishes you need to try.



Good-bye Cronuts: 10 New Food Hybrids You Must Try Now

The must-try food cross-breeds in Manila.



10 Soups to Warm You Up in the Rainy Season

During a cold day, a bowl of soup is like a metaphoric jacket.



10 Amazing Deep-Fried Dishes You Need to Try

There is just something about a deep fryer that makes our heart skip a beat.



10 Amazing Chocolate Treats to Eat in Manila

The Chocolate Farewell Tour: If tomorrow were the last day for chocolate, these are the desserts we’d eat.



Lori Baltazar’s 10 Favorite Desserts of 2014

The Dessert Comes First blogger recounts the year’s best when it comes to sweet.



10 Must-try Smoothies for Summer

Nothing like an icy treat against the summer heat.



10 Breakfast-flavored Treats in Manila

For those who can’t get enough of breakfast in the morning, enjoy bacon, eggs, and pancakes in a way you’ve never had them before.



10 Must-try Pasta Dishes in Manila


Update your pasta vocabulary.



10 Unique Takes on Chicharon

Baked or smoked, duck or bacon-yummy twists to this classic snack.



10 Unique French Fries in Manila

No ketchup required.



10 Amazing Dishes Egg Lovers Will Go Crazy Over

These must-try dishes are great any time of the day.



10 Most Well-Known Cakes in Manila

Must-try cakes and the fabulous bakers behind them.


10 Ice Cream Sandwiches in Manila That Are Worth the Calories

We wouldn’t mind having these for a meal.

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