Guess who this cutie turned out to be!

Hint: He’s now one of the hottest chefs in the industry!


( Here are a few clues if you’re stumped: He’s a chef in his mid-20s who does more than cook-he dazzles with impressive culinary spectacles. He’s into martials arts and he’s the nephew of an out-of-action action star who went on to fight piracy as the chair of the Optical Media Board. Still guessing?



This smiling, Hawaiian shirt-clad cutie is none other than cooking prodigy Chef Bruce Ricketts whose, er, prepubescent self was briefly aired on a retrospective clip on Sunday variety program, ASAP. He apparently had a short showbiz streak before turning into one of the city’s most admired chefs-not a far-off ambition considering his uncle is Ronnie Ricketts.





Chef Bruce, who used to helm the now-defunct Robot and Parañaque staple Sensei Sushi, is the current head chef of Mecha Uma, his partnership with The Moment Group. He’s currently working on a second project with them, opening at SM Mega Fashion Hall this year.

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