New Restaurant Alert: The Breadery at Emerald Mansion, Ortigas, Pasig

The breads may be grab-and-go, but the coffee invites you to linger.

The Breadery
G/F Emerald Mansion, F. Ortigas Avenue (Emerald Avenue), Pasig City
Contact: 656-7768
Open daily from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.




( How often have we been mesmerized by a well-lit display of glossy golden bread? The golden light drawing us in, and we walk nearer and nearer, mouths watering, hands stretched for a bite, only to The illusion is shattered and we're woken up from our revelry. Not at The Breadery, though. This quiet nook does more than show you their stuff. They let you experience them.




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You can just grab a sample if you’re confused.



But some things, like this Kouign Amann (P70), you want to have by the tray.


The breads are laid out on a large table in the center of the café: a glorious spread where tuna pie (P115) mingles with apple turnovers (P90). There's also a catchy loaf tinted with Earl Grey tea (P120), another with kimchi, and the cheesiest garlic bread (P80). It's the kind of setup that will make you want to grab everything, but for your waistline’s' sake don't.






Apple Pie


The Breadery helps you make careful decisions by offering samples for practically every item. The plastic tubs of bread slices confirm that the Spinach Bacon (P110) would make a delicious pizza, the Taro Swirl (P125) a creamy and nutty success, and the Milkshake Bread (P85) a powdery wonder reminiscent of a dry version of tres leches cake. The Chocolate Butter (P75) is something that would lift anyone’s sour mood; and the Ham and Egg (P115) is a quick breakfast solution.



It brings us back to that bakery scene in A Little Princess.





There's a curious bonnet-shaped pastry near the entrance, but even more curious is its exemption from samples. The canelé (P75) is so gorgeously browned that one might mistake it for chocolate, but don't be disappointed when you break that caramelized crust and discover a plush yellow core. It's the softest spongy custard that's emphasized by that crisp outer layer. Now we understand: A pinch-sized trial is not enough. The canelé is something you simply have to try. And while you’re at it, get the Almond Croissant (P60), an Instagram-ready pastry flaunting a great marriage of buttery and nutty and rewarded with a sprinkle of powdered sugar.



Coffee and bread sounds like a cliché, but The Breadery breathes new excitement into the practice with unique cold brews that shake up the city's coffee habits.


Dolce Fine Shooter



Preparing the Cold Brew San Pellegrino


Cold brew is a process that uses coarsely ground beans steeped in cold water for several hours. It's lower in acidity, but bold nonetheless. The Breadery serves it in several ways, but the Dolce Fine (P180) is the one that has us especially hooked. Consider it a more convivial shot of espresso. It's in a double shot glass flaunting three layers: syrup at the bottom, cold brew at the center, and frothy cream on top. You take it as a shooter, with the flavors coming in like stages of a full cycle.



Co-owner Thomas Pohang came up with the Cold Brew San Pellegrino (P190) on his own after seeing soda-spiked coffee in Seattle. He pours 400 mL of the coffee in a glass and adds half a bottle of sparkling water, which he says may be adjusted to taste. The bold flavor from just these two ingredients-neither bitter not sour-is immensely pleasant, a sign of good beans which Seattle-based Café D'Arte specially crafts for them. Each sip is a refreshing reminder of your soon-to-be favorite drink for the summer.


Bread and coffee requirements? Give this new player a chance. Now excuse us while we enjoy the rest of our coffee and canelé.


The Breadery also has a branch at UP Town Center, Katipunan Road, Quezon City.

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