New on the Menu: Osaka Ohsho's Teppanyaki Festival

A trip to this gyoza place...without ordering gyoza?

Osaka Ohsho
3/F SM Mega Fashion Hall, Mandaluyong City
Contact: 0917-828-5011 
Open daily from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.




( Every time Osaka Ohsho comes up with a bunch of new things, ordering becomes a bigger ordeal. Back when they opened in February 2014, the gyozas (the World's No. 1) were enough. You could order all three varieties, maybe Fuwatoro Tenshin Han (that’s the rice with fluffy egg), and be satisfied. Then they launched the Fuwatoro rice with toppings, then they launched dessert gyozas. Now, a trip to Osaka Ohsho is an episode of crucial decision-making.


But consider this: The gyozas will always be there. The Fuwatoro Tenshin Han has a permanent place on the menu and so do the dessert dumplings. But the latest teppanyaki fare? Relish Group's Bob Vallar hints at a possible time limit, so you might as well enjoy these iron-griddled dishes-while you can.



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Sake Beef


There are eight: four of which are seafood (Osaka Ohsho's answer to Lenten requirements-sort of), three of which are wrapped in bacon, and one, the Sake Beef (P330), which is buttery meat through and through save for a side of coleslaw salad.


Sakana Matsuri




Prawn Teppanyaki



Ika Sugataki


For all their meaty frontliners, Osaka Ohsho impresses with their seafood. Three types of fish make up the aptly named "Fish Festival" or Sakana Matsuri (P420). It's salmon, blue marlin, and tuna all glazed with a zippy lemony, sake-spiked sauce that really, for lack of a better word, brings life to this fishy dish. The squid in the Ika Sugataki (P250) are unresisting rings and the griddled prawns (P495) are swimming in so much flavor, the Japanese wasabi mayonnaise seems like an insult. (It's not. Made in-house, this sauce flaunts that characteristic bite in the best light.)



Salmon Bacon



Bacon Cut Pork Belly Asparagus


Bob admits that they cheated a little with the Salmon Bacon (P370). It is what it is-large slices of the pink fish hugged with only the kindness of fatty strips of honey-cured pork. Bite-sized surf and turf, if you will. There's another version, a classic, with bacon giving that same embrace to a sheath of asparagus (P250). They use the thicker sukiyaki-cut pork belly, which results to a much more rewarding bite than usual.



Mixed Mushroom and Bacon


And when you have an effective formula, there's no reason why it shouldn't work a third time. The Mixed Mushroom and Bacon (P310) is actually the most successful, putting up big blasts of earthy (there's a trio of mushrooms in there: shiitake, eringi, and shimeji brown) and bright (asparagus is deep in the core) flavors.



Mixed Shellfish


Only those who've had a plate of shellfish can understand how quickly such dishes can go. The Mixed Shellfish (P325) is no peculiar case. Scallops, mussels, and clams are seasoned then cooked in a lightly sweet onion sauce, and if you don't get, say, the Black Chahan (P250), this can go by in a blink.


There are too many options at Osaka Ohsho right now, and while this may appear problematic, the world-renowned gyoza place pushes for consistency. Our advice? Don't consider it a stressful situation. Think of them as reasons to come back. Not everything would fit on the table anyway.



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