This Six-Flavor "Franken-Pie" Will Keep Away the Decision Fatigue Come Pi Day

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PHOTO BY Patricia Baes

( Pies are a special breed of dessert; it brings together opposing tastes and textures, for one, thanks to its crust-plus-filling makeup. It's also so dang versatile, taking well to all sorts of flavor profiles—fruity, creamy, dark and decadent, even savory. You name it. We'll take any excuse to eat pie TBH, but it's especially good—nay, crucial—to have your fill come March 14 a.k.a. Pi Day. And we've got just the thing: Online purveyor BWB Kitchen's serving up a must-try Frankenpie with a range of pie flavors!

bwb kitchen, frankenpie, whole
The Frankenpie is a six-flavor carousel of different pie personalities on BWB Kitchen's crackly-flaky crust. 
PHOTO BY Patricia Baes

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Try different flavors in one go with this online pie shop's limited-time special:

The Frankenpie is BWB Kitchen's Pi Day offering that'll be available for pickup from March 14 to 16. You can spare yourself the decision fatigue as every nine-inch round includes six pie variants covering both classic and contemporary worlds—and each of which has its own distinct personality.

bwb kitchen frankenpie in box
What's your flava, tell us what's your flava. 
PHOTO BY Patricia Baes
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On the classic end of the spectrum are the Bourbon Pecan, which has plenty of flavor depth in the bourbon-spiked filling and buttery crunch from toasted nuts; and the Lattice Apple, a superb take on apple pie with tangy, subtly spiced fruit slices that retain their integrity and are just a touch crisp. Representing the fruity-creamy side of things is the Mango Samurai, with layers of juicy mango strips alternating with cream and a caramelized crepe top.

bwb kitchen, frankenpie, pecan pie
The Bourbon Pecan is a fantastic rendition of a classic pecan pie. 
PHOTO BY Patricia Baes
bwb kitchen, frankenpie, apple pie
BWB Kitchen also makes a mean Lattice Apple pie with tart, lightly spiced apples that stay a touch crisp. 
PHOTO BY Patricia Baes
bwb kitchen, frankenpie, mango samurai pie
The Mango Samurai pie is all about that tropical-rich combo of mangoes and cream. 
PHOTO BY Instagram/bwbkitchen

BWB Kitchen goes all-out decadent in the Caramel Cornflake Brownie, which has a thick (no, thicc) interior we'd liken to a cross of undercooked brownie dough and ganache with a distinct robustness in flavor—plus caramelized cornflakes for crunch. Of course, they take a cue from local flavors too, remixing buko pie with the addition of a streusel-like macaroon topping in the Buko Macaroon; and turning lemon cream pie on its head by subbing in tamarind (a clever move, we should add) in the decidedly sour Sampalok Cream.

bwb kitchen, frankenpie, brownie cornflake pie
Deep, dark, and decadent is the name of the game for the Caramel Cornflake Brownie. 
PHOTO BY Patricia Baes
bwb kitchen, frankenpie, buko macaroon pie
A macaroon topping contributes just the right amount of sweetness to the pastry cream + buko filling in the Buko Macaroon Pie. 
PHOTO BY Patricia Baes
bwb kitchen, frankenpie, sampalok cream pie
The Sampalok Cream is the author's personal fave for its lip-pucker inducing sourness—not to mention how it highlights underrated ol' tamaraind.  
PHOTO BY Patricia Baes

Orders of the Frankenpie go for P2,300 a pop and can be placed via BWB Kitchen's order form. This is the last time they'll be selling pies for a while before going on a pie-making hiatus; we say get your fill while you can.

For orders, fill out BWB Kitchen's Frankenpie order form. For more information, check out BWB Kitchen's Instagram page.

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