LB Bakeshop Micha’s Calls for Kindness and Respect After Customer "Shouted at" Staff

micha's viral facebook post on mean customer, micha's baked goods
PHOTO BY Facebook/Micha's, Screenshot/Micha's on Facebook

( Restaurant and food shop staff endure a lot on the daily, sometimes unfortunately including dealing with not-so-savory consumers they nevertheless have to serve. Case in point: a customer who allegedly shouted at a staff member of Los Baños' Micha's—an event which the cake and pastry shop called out on a post on social media.

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Here's what went down at local bakeshop Micha's:

Published on March 4, the Facebook post discussed how Micha's staff was maltreated by a customer for "putting the wrong flavor of ice cream" on the their doughnut. "I do not think that they deserve to be shouted at and treated like you did today for [their mistake]," they share. According to the post, the staff member apologized and promised "hindi na po mauulit ['yong incident]" yet was left in tears, with the customer replying, "Kung nandito ka pa."


"You can always ask for a new one. You did not have to make a scene and make her cry... Our staff try their best to serve all our customers politely and with respect," Micha's writes.  "Why be so mean?"

micha's viral facebook post on mean customer
PHOTO BY Screenshot/Micha's on Facebook

The post—which as of writing has gotten more than 5,700 likes, 175 comments, and more than 700 shares—ends with a call to "always be kind and respectful."

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Micha's Bakeshop has been a go-to in the area for decades. Folks in the comments lamented that a spot that's long been a big part of the community became the site  for such an ugly scene. 

Maltreatment of restaurant workers from customers is sadly not so uncommon—yet these abusive behaviors can bring about emotional exhaustion, burnout, and even them quitting entirely. Them being fellow human beings after all, a little kindness and understanding in how you interact with them never hurt anyone.

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