Roadtests 3-in-1 Instant Coffee

Which 3-in-1 wins?


( We’ve been led to believe that dogs and diamonds play the role of best friend but in our hour of need, we lean on one thing: a cup of coffee. In the war against deadlines, the fine powder of instant coffee becomes our armor-shielding us from the seductive siren song of sleep. Well, sometimes.


We don’t mean to glorify it excessively but instant coffee holds a special place in our hearts. We no longer have to worry about screwing up the proper combination of coffee, sugar, and creamer. It’s as simple as rip, pour, and voilà! Water with taste!


And what taste do these sachets have to offer? Would we be able to distinguish one brand from the other? We were hesitant at first but surprisingly, they do taste quite different from each other. Read on to find out which coffee tastes like the office.



Comments are the opinions of the testers only and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of and Summit Media. This was a blind taste test conducted with products that were paid for by Only non-flavored variants were considered.


Good Day (P6 / 20-gram sachet)

Ingredients: Instant coffee, sugar, non-dairy creamer.

Thoughts from the testers:

  • "Tastes like peanuts to me."
  • "Sweet. I’d say more sweet than creamy?"
  • "Tastes more like dessert coffee. Okay pantangal umay kung busog ka."

Verdict: Recommended for people who have a sweet tooth. And people who like nuts?



Nescafé (P5.50 / 20-gram sachet)

Ingredients: Sugar, coffee creamer [glucose syrup, hydrogenated vegetable oil (contains one or more of the following oils: coconut, palm, palm kernel oil), sodium caseinate (milk protein), sequestrants, emulsifiers, nature-identical flavors, anti-caking agent, sodium chloride], Nescafé instant coffee, nature-identical and natural flavors, and acesulfame potassium.

Thoughts from the testers:

  • "I’m pretty sure this is Nescafé."
  • "Tastes like Nescafé."
  • "Lasang opisina."

Verdict: It’s a reliable taste but feel free to live a little and try other things.


Kopiko (P4.75 / 20-gram sachet)

Ingredients: Sugar, non-dairy creamer, instant coffee.

Thoughts from the testers:

  • "I know this isn’t a guessing game, but this is Kopiko. Tastes like candy."
  • "Kulang sa creamer. Pero hindi matamis. Hindi rin lasang kape. Weird."
  • "Hindi ko ito iinumin araw-araw."

Verdict: Not for daily consumption.




Great Taste (P4.25 / 20-gram sachet)

Ingredients: Sugar, non-dairy creamer (glucose syrup, hydrogenated vegetable fat (palm, palm kernel, or coconut oil), buffering agents, sodium casenate, emulsifiers, stabilizer, natural and artificial flavor, anticaking agent, sucralose, vitamin B2), and coffee powder.

Thoughts from the testers:

  • "This tastes like coffee. I mean, they’re all coffee but this is the coffee-est"
  • "Sarap nito. Ano ’to?"
  • "I want to be a hipster pero masarap nga. Ito ba yung mahal?"

Verdict: It actually does taste great!


San Mig Coffee (P4 / 14-gram sachet)

Ingredients: Non-dairy creamer (glucose syrup solids, hyrdogenated vegetable fat, sodium caseinate (milk protein), Emulsifier E471, Stabilizer E340, Silicone Dioxide E551), San Mig coffee instant coffee, salt, aspartame (phenylketonurics: contains phenylalanine), nature-identical flavor.

Thoughts from the testers:

  • "Light. Parang mocha."
  • "Saktong timpla."
  • "Medyo malabnaw. Pero yung masarap na malabnaw."

Verdict: Probably an acquired taste. If Nescafé is the Coke of coffee, then San Mig is Pepsi.




Blend45* (P3.45 / 20-gram sachet)

Ingredients: Sugar, non-dairy creamer, coffee powder, natural and artificial flavor.

Thoughts from the testers:

  • "This one’s very smooth and creamy."
  • "I think it’s a little too creamy."
  • "Sexist ba kapag sinabi kong timplang babae?"

Verdict: Good if you want to wash the taste of something else out of your mouth. Also, it’s less than P4. We really can’t complain.


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